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One of the best things we get to do here at That's Entertainment is getting some first glimpses at some of the best books, comics, films, TV, music, etc. (basically any and all entertainment). With that, we're committed to bringing you the best of the best. We want to help you find great creators and their works of passion. If you're looking for the next great novel, film, album, or whatever it is you want as your next escape, these creators deserve your attention.

Below, you'll see a list of projects broken up by medium. As this list grows, we may refine the way items are organized, but we'll have a quick blurb that should be enough to pique your interest. Clicking on the project images will bring you to the best place to pick up that individual's work.

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D'Aprile's Fools (Tellest Series)

cover of D'Aprile's Fools by Michael DeAngeloMichael DeAngelo has spun yards of tales for over a decade (officially; unofficially it's been closer to two decades!) for the world he created—Tellest. In recent years, DeAngelo has injected more experimental storytelling into the universe. April Fools jokes are a staple on Tellest's website. He also features tales centered around Halloween and Christmas. The latter holiday is where DeAngelo gets a bit more personal with his stories, yet they still end up being pretty fantastical. However, when it comes to the first few months of every year, the author puts much of his resources into the latest April Fools gag(s) for Tellest. But, are they just gags? Not with his latest release, D'Aprile's Fools.

The very real novel started with a simple April Fools joke. Bixby Alladocious started off as an April Fools joke several years ago. From there, DeAngelo spun off a couple of short stories and used Bixby as inspiration for what would become D'Aprile's Fools. When all the heroes have been taken, fools will have to do. Frederic D’Aprile and Bixby set forth to put together Tellest's newest set of heroes. The only problem is, these heroes have some not so heroic powers. Can they turn fools into gold?

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Natasha's Prison

Natasha's Prison cover image

Stefan Stevens often finds himself in a world of fantasy moments before he is supposed to fall asleep. During these moments, he wanders through valleys and alleys. These locations have formed the foundation of most of his creative writing over the years.

In recent times he finds himself more expressive toward fictional romance.

A heartfelt story about Harry and Natasha, and a harmonious relationship that ends too abruptly, leaving Harry in despair and fighting for freedom from his depression. During his struggle, Harry uncovers a web of twisted truths and many riddles. Set during the early years of Harry and Natasha’s relationship, the bond of the twin flames grew stronger. Neither of the two knew that they were a twin flame.

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Lethal Keystrokes

Lethal Keystrokes Cover

Johnny May’s Biology degree, his years at IBM as a programmer analyst, and his three decades as a practicing Medical Doctor uniquely qualify him to write this book. He knows people, he knows science and he knows computer systems. He also has a boundless imagination.

As a singer-songwriter, he has written songs for well-known Canadian artists and has released two CDs and a recent single “This Way” which is popular on YouTube.

His time is divided between his rural farm property near Toronto and the south of France.

In Lethal Keystrokes, America’s vulnerability is its hidden fanatics, those individuals who harbor fury, grief, and a driving desire for revenge. While blending in with their neighbors, co-workers, and customers, they plot the demise of their country. They have a network. They have resources. And they have the courage to make it happen.

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The Black B ook

the black book posterThe Black Book is a horror anthology with stories from four different directors (Topher Chambers, Jim Dougherty, Steven Durgarn, and Joe Herbert). Based on Chambers (along with Herbert, Stuart Wahlin, and Angelica R. Hill) anthology book of the same name, the film focuses on stories plucked from the pages of a rare book collector’s prized new acquisition: an antique tome with a legendary curse. The stories featured are: Wrapper, The Woods, Give Up The Ghost, Ocularis, Date Night, Man in the Mirror, and Sorcerer's Finger.

Created in part by Topher Chambers, The Black Book is an ever-growing mythology. What started as an anthology novel has been adapted into both a film and an upcoming comic book. And that's just the start of the Marshalltown Universe. To learn more about The Black Book and to keep up with the universe it birthed, follow the links below!

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The Mahjong Party

MJ PartyMahjong Party is the ultimate, easy-to-follow guide to playing Hong Kong Mahjong. They make Mahjong easy for anyone to start playing with simple step-by-step videos and written instructions with beautiful images. You can go from absolute beginner to building advanced hands at a pace you control. With two courses to choose from, you decide how you're going to learn Mahjong. The Quickstart Method has 33 lessons that are rolled out over a 3 month period. The Full Course has 52 lessons that are rolled out over a 6 month period.

Created by Mona Remedios Stickley, the Mahjong Party is a passion project for her. Not only has she been playing Mahjong since she was 3 years old, but she has also used the game to recover from brain injuries. It's an incredibly inspiring story that can't be summed up on this page and we implore you to read our interview with Mona. If you've ever wondered about Mahjong, our interview will give you many details and then some. If you're curious about learning how to play, follow the links below!

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The Standoff Roleplaying System

The Standoff Roleplaying System is a new roleplaying game meant to cover many different genres and styles of play. Specifically created with its own emulator, the system is great for solo play. A fun and kinetic dice pool system resolves actions in moments and, as a result, combat and scenes of high tension feel create an interesting gravity that replaces tedium and rules-lawyering that can be inherent to some systems.

Created by C.E. Patrick, the Standoff Roleplaying System is just the first part of a much larger scale project. With the core mechanics, players can play and tell their own stories. Patrick has plans on releasing modules for both solo and group play; starting with a fantasy supplement. Further, he hopes to create a living campaign that players' actions will affect all those that participate. Learn more about the Standoff Roleplaying System with the links below!

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Beneath the Mountain

Beneath the Mountain Game CoverBeneath the Mountain is a dwarven city-builder and real-time strategy game. Mine your way into the mountain, discover gold and silver, construct buildings, recruit an army, build traps, and defeat the vile creatures that lurk in the dark caves of the mountain. Most importantly, find the heart of the mountain before the orcs destroy your kingdom.

BTM is being developed by Max Arnheiter, who takes his love of games like Age of EmpiresBaldur's GateIcewind Dale, and more inspired his sense of fantasy storytelling. Realizing that most real-time strategy games all take an offensive mindset, he designed Beneath the Mountain with a defensive first strategy, using games like They are Billions as the basis for that mode. Not only has Arnheiter made what he feels is his most successful game to date, but he's built a community that has given more back to him than he ever expected.

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