Fantasy Promo - Strands of Existence 1: Island Girl
Fantasy Promo - Heroes of MidAria: Heaven's Demons
Urban Fantasy Promo - The Epistles of Simon Thistle
Fantasy Promo - The Eighth Stone (Lands of the Faith Book 1)

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Fantasy Anthology Promo – Open Your Eyes: 5 Stories of Original Fantasy & Science Fiction

Greetings travelers.  I hope you’re ready for another visit to the Otherworld today.  We’ve got what almost ends up being an archipelago of stops to make, as we’re looking at a wonderful short story collection of fantasy and science fiction to dive into.  Read on in order to Open Your…

Fantasy Promo – Strands of Existence 1: Island Girl

Hello folks, and welcome to your second Otherworld stop of the week.  Every day this week we’re going to be making interesting stops, with two of them occurring alongside interviews from interesting authors.  Today, we’re visiting an island far out at sea filled with magic and majesty that you will…

Fantasy Promo – Heroes of MidAria: Heaven’s Demons

Howdy folks, and welcome to your final Otherworld stop of the week.  Angels are apparently what made the cut this week, because we’ve had stories chock full of them, and today will be no different.  The angels you’ll see here are going to be a bit different though, and they…

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  • The One Where I Read ‘Juliet Takes a Breath’ March 19, 2021
    In this coming of age story, Juliet Palante will travel across the county to discover truths about those she admires, her family, and most importantly, herself.
    Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

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  • Episode 168: Mission: Accomplished! - Holiday Hack! September 25, 2020
    Back in March of 2019, we played Jeff Stormer's Mission: Accomplished! LIVE with Mike DeAngelo, Jeff Stormer, Zachary, and Diana. It was SUPER FUN! All this and more on this week's edition of Everything is Awesome! Take Action! Find your Senators Find your Congressman Make 5 Calls Bullies Keep Out Trevor Project All Hands Find […]
    Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Urban Fantasy Promo – The Epistles of Simon Thistle

Hello there folks, and welcome to our first big Otherworld stop of the week.  Today, we’ve got a story that really pops, and defines epic in a whole new way.  If your favorite kind of fantasy books are the substantial ones that take you along for an incredible ride and…

Fantasy Promo – The Eighth Stone (Lands of the Faith Book 1)

Howdy folks.  We’ve finally arrived at our last stop of the week, and let me tell you, it’s an awesome one.  We’ve had an epic cosmic fantasy, a snarky contemporary portal fantasy, and we’re wrapping up the week with an excellent, epic coming-of-age fantasy.  Read on to find out more…

Urban Fantasy Promo – Alterni (The Alt-World Chronicles Book 1)

Hello folks, and welcome to our next stop on the Otherworld express.  I hope you’ve been having a good week, and that you’re ready for another great book (and the start of a new series).  Today feels like one of the truest Otherworld visits, since we’ll be looking at an…

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Fantasy Promo – The Destroyer of Worlds: “An Answer to Every Question”

Howdy folks, and welcome to a new week full of possibilities.  It’s going to be another packed week of visits to the Otherworld, and we’re starting our journey to a book that’s sure to get your adrenaline pumping.  Read on to find out more about The Destroyer of Worlds. Spend…

Dark Fantasy Promo – Bellator the Dragonslayer (Tales of Crescite Book 1)

Greetings fans of fantasy!  My do we have an awesome one for you today.  We’ve been in and around the Otherworld so many times this year, but we’re officially closing out the quarter with an interesting, sometimes darker fantasy.  Read on to learn more about Bellator the Dragonslayer. Author Ember Rayne…

Fantasy Promo – The Water Witch

Greetings Otherworld travelers.  Welcome to a new week filled with new possibilities.  We’re starting off with another whimsical Ron Foster tale.  You’ve seen the Water Wizard.  Now it’s time to check out The Water Witch. Author Ron Foster’s original fantasy tale, The Water Witch, is a delight.  This tale is…

Science Fiction Promo – The Astral Hacker (Cryptopunk Revolution Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers!  We looked at a few fantasy worlds this week, but today we’re looking one hundred years into the future.  It’s been a while since we’ve played in a dystopian setting, but we’re ready to explore a new one in The Astral Hacker. Author Brian Terenna has brought…