Game Promo: Upgrader

Upgrader Cover art

Upgrader is a top-down roguelike game where you gather rare loot and upgrade! 8 levels of fun and the Monster Hunt DLC are currently included with more on the way!

EP Promo: Venus Smile… Retrograde by Alpha Cat

Venus Smile... Retrograde album cover by Alpha Cat

Venus Smile… Retrograde’s signature stoner rock vibe is infused by the singers’ soft nonchalance, which is emphasized by a reverb-like, dragged-out sound, and is combined with the straightforward, ear-catching, melodic riffs and intelligent lyrics to create a distinctly ’90s alternative rock formula. 

Podcast Promo: Under Oath with Jeff Kaufman

under oath with jeff kaufman

Under Oath with Jeff Kaufman is an interview show where we talk to interesting people and ask them questions that give you an insight as to who these people are as a whole.

Who is the most popular Superhero?

red Spider-Man wall painting . is spidey the most popular superhero

Wisevoter took a look at each state’s search history to determine who the most popular superhero is. Who do you think came out on top?

Game Promo: MetaMorphic Rippers

metamorphic rippers promo image

MetaMorphic Rippers is a solo-developed, multiplayer action battler arena game by Slov Goblin. You take on the role of Protolithins, an alien race made of metamorphic rocks.