Urban Fantasy Promo - Silver to the Heart (Light of Adua, Book 1)
Historical Fantasy Promo - The Rock of Achill
Urban Fantasy Promo - Dark Vengeance (Earthly Worlds Series Book Two)
Fantasy Promo - Endless Sacrifice: Volume 1

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Urban Fantasy Promo – Silver to the Heart (Light of Adua, Book 1)

Welcome Otherworld travelers to another visit to a world beyond our own.  In today’s case, we’re staying a little closer to home, but we’re looking at the kind of things and places that lie in the shadows.  There’s a lot to explore in today’s promo, so read on to learn…

Historical Fantasy Promo – The Rock of Achill

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to the last of our stops for today.  We spent time in a somewhat grittier world this morning, and an urban/portal fantasy following that, but we’re going into the afternoon with a more epic scope.  Step into old-world Ireland in this fantastic debut, and read…

Urban Fantasy Promo – Dark Vengeance (Earthly Worlds Series Book Two)

Hello again fantasy fans.  I’ve got an awesome treat for you.  This is the second of three wonderful fantasy promos that are coming your way today.  This one is actually the second book in a series, and it ramps things up in just the right ways.  If you’re looking to…

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  • The Guest, 2014 - ★★★★★ October 25, 2021
    Bought the SECOND SIGHT 4K release of this, which boasts new color grading supervised by Wingard - and it does not disappoint. It’s so crisp, with the blacks being blacker and the colors being richer. So scenes you would expect to pop, like the Halloween Maze, really do. But the scenes it really helps are […]
    Garrett Smith

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  • The One Where I Read ‘Juliet Takes a Breath’ March 19, 2021
    In this coming of age story, Juliet Palante will travel across the county to discover truths about those she admires, her family, and most importantly, herself.
    Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Fantasy Promo – Endless Sacrifice: Volume 1

Hello there!  Welcome to a new day filled with promise and possibilities.  Today we’re going to be taking a look at a traditional fantasy that’s got a little bit of grit and grime to it.  Read on to learn more about Endless Sacrifice. The Enigmatically named O.A. H proves that…

Urban Fantasy Promo – The Ghost Dance

Greetings Otherworld travelers!  It’s the end of another week, which means it’s a great time to put down whatever you’re working on, kick up your feet, lean back, and dive into a good book.  We’ve had some dark fantasies these past few weeks, but we’re going to be looking at…

Dark Fantasy Promo – Disciple of Vengeance (Shattered World Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers.  I always like these bookend weeks when we have stories at the onset and at the close.  It also feels great to close the week with the same subgenre of fantasy as well.  We started out with a darker fantasy, and we’re ending with one to take…

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  • Episode 168: Mission: Accomplished! - Holiday Hack! September 25, 2020
    Back in March of 2019, we played Jeff Stormer's Mission: Accomplished! LIVE with Mike DeAngelo, Jeff Stormer, Zachary, and Diana. It was SUPER FUN! All this and more on this week's edition of Everything is Awesome! Take Action! Find your Senators Find your Congressman Make 5 Calls Bullies Keep Out Trevor Project All Hands Find […]
    Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Fantasy Promo – Black Wings: The Rebellion Begins

Welcome, Otherworld Travelers, to a brand new week filled with tremendous potential, and one that starts off with a bang.  It’s always nice to promote powerful, interesting work, but it’s doubly rewarding when we get to do it while saying hello again to an old collaborator.  And so it is…

No Time To Die – Trailer

No Time To Die, the 25th James Bond film, will be released October 8th, 2021. Catch the final trailer to Daniel Craig's final outing as 007.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Where to Watch?

Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the sequel to the surprise 2018 hit Venom, is here! Where can you watch the latest Spidey anti-hero film?

What If…? Episode 9 Release Date

When will What If...? episode 9 release? The first ever Marvel Studios animated series is gearing up for its season finale on Disney+.