Urban Fantasy Promo - The Guardian of Light
Dark Fantasy Promo - The Arrival: The Choice of Life Series
Epic Fantasy Promo - The Arbalest of Gamaliel: The Rystarr Saga The Weapons of Power Book One
Children's Fantasy Promo - The Uprising of the Pencils

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Urban Fantasy Promo – The Guardian of Light

Greetings Otherworld travelers!  It’s a quiet week, at least for books we’re looking at here, but I’ve got a fun and charming visit to a different version of our world that is sure to delight readers who want something a little bit different.  And it sets up an additional five…

Dark Fantasy Promo – The Arrival: The Choice of Life Series

Howdy folks!  I hope you’ve all been having a good week.  For our last stop to the Otherworld before the weekend, we’re taking a look at a darker epic fantasy from a debut author that is sure to knock your socks off.  If you’re looking for the first book in…

Epic Fantasy Promo – The Arbalest of Gamaliel: The Rystarr Saga The Weapons of Power Book One

Greetings fantasy lovers!  We’ve been checking out a few shorter books and stories over the past few weeks and months, but our next trip to the Otherworld is a doozy of an epic.  It’s a debut for its two authors, but it reads like the work of a pair of…

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  • The One Where I Read ‘Batman: 100 Greatest Moments’ January 8, 2021
    Batman: 100 Greatest Moments: Highlights from the history of the dark knight Writer: Robert Greenberger Batman has been around for over 80 years. Not many characters have that kind of staying power. At least not at the level that The Dark Knight sustains. There have been many great moments throughout those 80 years. To narrow […]
    Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

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  • Episode 168: Mission: Accomplished! - Holiday Hack! September 25, 2020
    Back in March of 2019, we played Jeff Stormer's Mission: Accomplished! LIVE with Mike DeAngelo, Jeff Stormer, Zachary, and Diana. It was SUPER FUN! All this and more on this week's edition of Everything is Awesome! Take Action! Find your Senators Find your Congressman Make 5 Calls Bullies Keep Out Trevor Project All Hands Find […]
    Kevin M. Gallagher, Jr

Children’s Fantasy Promo – The Uprising of the Pencils

Howdy folks.  It’s a new week, and we’re starting things off in a light and breezy way with a short story that brings ordinary objects to life in extraordinary ways.  If you were hoping to start your first Otherworld trip off this week to the inside of the pencil box,…

Historical Fantasy Promo – Traveling with a Deity-to-Be

Hi there folks!  We’re rounding out the week with a lighter story which will no doubt balance out with the darker world we’ve visited in the earlier Otherworld visits.  Somehow the weekends always look brighter anyway, so perhaps it’s just the right fit.  In any case, read on to find…

Urban Fantasy Promo – Foresthill: Children of the Night

Well hello there!  Occasionally, I have the awesome opportunity to promote people’s work multiple times on their runs to success.  We’ve worked with M. Dutchy twice before on her Foresthill series, and as she moves forward with more books in the saga, we’re giving her second promo a bit of…

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  • Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Arcadia of My Youth, 1982 - ★★ March 2, 2021
    "That's right - the five fire-streams that go over the double-sun, Bethvaras - the hardest part of space."I spent much of the early parts of this movie exclaiming "Wait - what are we doing now?" every 3 minutes or so. Eventually I settled into it and figured out what was going on, but it was […]
    Garrett Smith

Dark Comedy Fantasy Anthology Promo – Tales of the Capital: A Collection of Inane Writings

Howdy folks, and welcome to a new week of Otherworldly goodness.  We’ve got some awesome stuff to show off this time around, and it all starts with a dark fantasy comedy anthology (you think that was rough on my typing fingers, look at the title).  Read on to discover more…

Fantasy Promo: Chase the Wild Hunt (A Lynx’s Journey Book 1)

Howdy folks!  It’s a good week for fantasy and we’re back with another one today that will be a bit darker and grittier than the one we looked at earlier in the week.  If you’re a fan of Vikings and magic, you’re in for a great time.  Read on to…

Fantasy Promo – The strangeness of the unknown

Hello to everyone out there in the world.  I hope you’re ready to kick off the week with another trip to the Otherworld!  Today, we’re taking a look at a story built upon fairytales and weirdness and whimsy.  Read on to learn more about the strangeness of the unknown. Bryony…

Horror Promo – Yacht Short Story Mysteries: A Collection of Sailing Horror Stories

Hey there everyone!  Welcome back to another day of Otherworldly goodness.  Today, we’re looking at something a bit more eerie as we take a look at a collection of frightening tales set upon the sea.  If that’s your niche, you’re in for a good time.  Read on to see more…