Who is the most popular Superhero?

red Spider-Man wall painting . is spidey the most popular superhero

Wisevoter took a look at each state’s search history to determine who the most popular superhero is. Who do you think came out on top?

New Spider-Man Biography Releasing Next Month

Spider-Man (and other) comics

Spider-Man: A History and Celebration of the Web-Slinger, Decade by Decade coming October 11th with images from over 60 years of Spider-Man comics, movies, and other items.


Who is Ms. Marvel?

Ms. Marvel will be debuting in just a few short hours and is the latest hero to join the MCU. That begs the question—who is Kamala Khan?

Is Moon Knight a Hero?

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant and Gus the goldfish in Marvel Studios' MOON KNIGHT

Moon Knight is here and has… unconventional methods. Does this make him a villain? A hero? Or something in between?

What powers does Moon Knight have?

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight and F. Murray Abraham as the voice of Khonshu

Now that we know who Moon Knight is, what about his powers? What can Marvel’s masked vigilante do aside from jump from rooftop to rooftop?