EP Promo: Venus Smile… Retrograde by Alpha Cat

Venus Smile... Retrograde album cover by Alpha Cat

Ladies and gentlemen… I’M BACK. I’ll be posting properly on the ol’ newsletter about that, but I’m jumping in FULL FORCE on this first Friday of February (2023 edition!). That said, I’ll be spending the weekend getting prepped to get That’s Entertainment content back up and running beyond Mike’s promos. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get some stuff out there before then, including one of my favorite promos I’ve done in a long time—the latest EP release from Alpha CatVenus Smile… Retrograde! I love me some indie music!

Get a taste of the electrifying Alpha Cat’s latest EP, Venus Smile… Retrograde. This album will take you on a voyage of self-discovery and contemplation with its soaring alternative rock compositions. You’ll be left speechless by the band’s unbridled raw energy and emotional intensity, and you’ll remember their unique riffs and catchy hooks long after the song is over. Don’t pass up this opportunity to add alternative rock to your collection. Alpha Cat lives up to her name with the casual confidence that permeates her vocals, as can be heard on this latest album. Venus Smile… Retrograde‘s signature stoner rock vibe is infused by the singers’ soft nonchalance, which is emphasized by a reverb-like, dragged-out sound, and is combined with the straightforward, ear-catching, melodic riffs and intelligent lyrics to create a distinctly ’90s alternative rock formula.

Alpha Cat

That ’90s feel comes from having been working on her music during the greatest decade of all time and her 1999 EP Real Boy was created as a result of a connection with Television bassist Fred Smith, who helped to produce a demo. Real Boy received more broadcast adds than such formidable and widely available works as Beck’s Midnight Vultures and Metallica’s S&M despite having only 150 copies sent to college radio stations. Real Boy finished up on the CMJ National Add Charts twice. Unusual for an EP, it continued to spend six weeks in the national airplay charts.

Venus Smile… Retrograde is now Apple Music, among other services. You can keep up with Alpha Cat on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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