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Award-winning artist, teacher, composer, and author Jamie Lee Hoffer debuts Giggles and Stardust—a new website for preschoolers who are ready to learn, sing, laugh, and more!

Giggles and Stardust is full of original songs, videos, books, illustrations, PUPPETS, and more that create a warm and nurturing environment. When the screen turns on, you are immediately teleported to a fantastical setting where everything is better than you could have ever dreamed—the colors are brighter, the people are nicer, the music is happier, and the universe is larger than you could have ever imagined. The best part is that your host in this amazing new location is so endearing and trustworthy that you want to follow her wherever her imagination—and yours—will lead you.

Welcome to, a brand-new online destination created by and starring a true Renaissance woman in the realm of child education—Jamie Lee Hoffer. The award-winning artist, teacher, composer, and author is already an increasingly popular online personality among kids and their parents as a result of a number of musical and instructional films posted to YouTube and other websites. Her new site, Giggles and Stardust, effortlessly manages to be fully modern while embracing the nostalgia of adored childhood classics. It includes charming films, creative melodies, book readings, vivid artwork, insightful life teachings, and a family of adorably distinctive puppets.

Young children are welcome to spend time with Jamie and her puppet friends Pickles, Aunt Gloria, Cody, Sequoia, Madison Dragonson, and Wide Mouth Bullfrog on the new Giggles and Stardust website as they share music, storytelling, social interactions, and lessons about friendship, creativity, and nature. The site’s Giggle Time Episodes, which are jam-packed with entertaining stories, art, dance, music, and adventures with a learning focus, are another highlight. Giggles and Stardust is an environment that emphasizes rhythm, color, hand-eye coordination, tactile exploration, movement, storytelling, and self-expression. It is a place that is driven by intrigue, excitement, and a sense of fun.

Giving Children The Gift Of Learning & Imagination

With monthly, weekend, or annual passes starting at just $6.99 per month, Giggles and Stardust is a subscription-based website that makes a great present for your own kids as well as for relatives, colleagues, or coworkers who are raising preschoolers. Visitors to the website can buy one of Jamie’s many books, such as I Don’t Want To Wear A Diaper Anymore, There’s a Jungle in the Back of My House, and My Friend Sam, in addition to subscription-based passes. The new album Tunes From the House on the Hill, which features instantly recognizable songs that even adults will enjoy, is also available for download by site visitors. Giggles and Stardust subscriptions include:

  • Themed content that includes activities, puppets, videos, songs, and book readings
  • Age-appropriate art projects designed for preschoolers
  • Adventures in which Jamie accompanies her young friends on various outings
  • Kid-friendly interviews with professionals in their fields discussing topics such as bugs, health, art, music, dance, and more
  • Puppet stories linked to episode themes
  • Songs and music videos
  • Book readings
  • Easy access to such merchandise as clothing and books, with more to come

For more information, please visit!

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