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Game Promo: Traffic, A Horror Experience by LaudGames

The developer gives the following content warning for Traffic

Graphic Violence, Domestic Violence, Self-Harm, Gore, Sleep Paralysis, Home Invasions

I know that July is usually the month we all think about getting away to the beach or, especially on those hotter days, channel that Christmas in July feeling (and for the writers of That’s Entertainment, it’s also all about celebrating another trip around the sun). Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Christmas in July—but what about the spooky season? October/Halloween is the only real dedicated month we spooky fans get. Sure, horror films are released all year, but I need that Halloween in June feeling! While it’s neither June nor Halloween, we do have something spooky for you today.

Traffic a horror experience promo image

[blockquote type=”right”]TRAFFIC is an Atmospheric First-Person Psychological Horror game about a troubled child in a home where he must deal with both internal and external stresses. You will communicate with your parents, do your chores, and stay out of the way.[/blockquote]

Inspired by the developer’s personal experiences, various news articles, statistics, and unexplained incidents, Traffic is a fictional horror story played in the first person. In the game, a Wyoming-based family experiences the 2008 financial crisis. Along with your Mother and Father, you play the role of a single child in a three-person family. As you go through the days, trying to distract yourself from the horrific events taking place, experience the gut-wrenching suspense and horrible story of Traffic. Piece the story together as you notice tiny details within the dialogue and environments.

On September 1st, secure the front gate and lock your doors. You never know who might be out there. Put Traffic on your Steam wishlist now.

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