Gail Simone Returns to Superman, Joined by Superstar Artist Eddy Barrows

In Superman and the Challenge from the Stars, Gail Simone and Eddy Barrows join forces to tell a new Superman story, set at the beginning of his heroic journey. As part of DC’s Superman Superstars initiative, this three-part arc in Action Comics promises to be an action-packed thrill ride for fans old and new alike.

Gail Simone Returns to Superman, Joined by Superstar Artist Eddy Barrows, for a New Three-Part Action ComicsArc Taking Place at the Beginning of the Man of Steel’s Super Hero Career!

Simone, known for her work on iconic titles like Wonder Woman and Birds of Prey, expressed her excitement for the project, stating:

I love the classic Superman cast, and this story is deliberately meant to echo my all-time favorite Superman time period.

The storyline revolves around Superman facing off against a formidable alien race that has chosen Earth as its battleground. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Superman must confront impossible challenges and protect his adopted planet from destruction.

For Barrows, illustrating Superman’s adventures holds personal significance. Reflecting on his childhood experience, he shared:

Back then, I wouldn’t have imagined that one day I would be helping to build his legacy: illustrating his stories.

Action Comics #1067 marks the beginning of this thrilling arc, with subsequent issues #1068 and #1069 continuing the saga throughout July, August, and September. Fans can expect stunning artwork from Barrows, Danny Miki, and Rex Lokus, accompanied by Simone’s captivating storytelling.

The series will feature variant covers by acclaimed artists Wes Craig, Pablo Villalobos, and Ben Oliver, adding to the excitement surrounding this monumental Superman story.

Stay tuned as Superman faces one of his greatest challenges yet in Superman and the Challenge from the Stars, a must-read for fans of the Man of Steel and superhero comics alike.


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