Is Matthew Perry really Batman?

Matthew Perry

Shocking the world on October 28th, 2023, Matthew Perry has passed away. We take a moment to remember the actor.

Why Star Wars Needs a Reboot

After a fierce gun battle between stormtroopers and Rebel troops, Darth Vader boards the captured Alderaan cruiser.

After more than four decades of expanding the Star Wars universe, it may be time to start fresh and reboot the franchise.

Dredge Review

They don’t make fishing games like this.  While Dredge certainly leans on angling as its veneer, it evokes some lite RPG elements and more arcade-y sensibilities as well, rather than leaning on some of the mechanics that you would find in the sort of fishing games that get more frequent releases. But, with a story that is as atypical in …

PREVIEW: Cosmic Cadets: Contact!

Cosmic Cadets: Contact! Featured Image

Cosmic Cadets: Contact! is a heartfelt, thrilling space adventure about friendship, family, and fear of the unknown. Written by Ben Crane and illustrated by Mimi Alves, Cosmic Cadets: Contact! is their debut graphic novel and will hit bookshelves later this month on April 25th. The kind folks at Scandal Co-Active have given us a sneak peek at this adorable graphic novel that …