YouTube Promo: Loudawg’s CDL Truck Driving Journey

LOUDAWG the CDL Truck Driver

Warning: This Promo leads to some content meant for 18+ individuals

Normally I have a witty introduction that ties into the promotion, but honestly, there is no hook needed for this one (because, if we’re being honest, how can you out-hype “Rapping CDL Truck Driver”?). Marcus Knox, AKA LOUDAWG, has a very interesting YouTube channel—it features his journey as a CDL Truck Driver and his music. Below is a sample of one of his first vlogs—if you’re interested in his rap music (18+ only), click here.

CDL Truck Driving isn’t for the faint of heart—you’re on the road more than most people and most of the time you’re in a very big truck driving across the state or country. LOUDAWG started vlogging his experience about 2 months ago and has even incorporated some of his very own rap songs into his channel. To vary the content on his channel, he’s also included some videos in the popular “YouTube Shorts” format that goes into some tips about CDL truck driving tips and, from his personal life, feeding his python. In addition to his full vlogs, LOUDAWG has some of his very own rap music available. Some of the images he uses to create the final video are from his life as a CDL truck driver.

To find out more about LOUDAWG, CDL Truck Driving, and to sample his music, check out his YouTube channel today! Be sure to follow and share his channel to help spread his new journey as a CDL truck driver!

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