What powers does Moon Knight have?

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight and F. Murray Abraham as the voice of Khonshu

If you’ve been keeping up with the Disney+ series, then you may have a good idea of Moon Knight’s powers. If not, you may be wondering if he’s simply Marvel’s answer to Batman. So, what can the MCU’s latest hero do?

Marc Spector, Steven Grant, Mr. Knight, Moon Knight, or whatever name you want to give him, has remained one of Marvel Comics’ most popular characters, and fans have been waiting for his arrival in the MCU for quite some time. That makes the character’s self-titled Disney+ series, after much excitement and anticipation, long overdue.

It’s finally happened, and everyone is ecstatic. In fact, with the Moon Knight only having one episode left and its star, Oscar Isaac, signing on for this limited series alone, we need to soak in as much Moon Knight as we can! If you’re unfamiliar with the character, or just want to brush up on your Moon Knight knowledge before he makes his series debut, stay around and see what he’s capable of.

As discussed earlier, Marc Spector has numerous personalities due to his dissociative identity disorder. When he’s not being a mercenary, he is Steven Grant in the Disney Plus series, who is mild-mannered and a little naïve. He may, however, “summon” a supernatural suit that imbues him with the might of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

While Khonshu is unable to enter the human realm, Marc serves as his avatar, functioning as the vigilante known as Moon Knight. Marc can handle himself in combat due to his previous mercenary reputation, but the suit increases his strength and allows him to heal himself. The suit also grants him prophetic dreams, visions, and the ability to drain people’s life force with a touch.

Moon Knight is a crime-fighter who enjoys getting physical, but thanks to his mystical connection to Khonshu, he’s also immensely durable and formidable.

As you can see, Moon Knight hasn’t strayed too far from the character’s comic book past but also isn’t afraid to take some liberties in its Disney+ adaptation. Moon Knight airs new episodes of its first season on Disney Plus every Wednesday.

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