Web Series Promo: Tales of Atonement Season 1

Tales of Atonement Season 1 Poster

There was a time when I spent most of my free time watching nothing but web series—at the time, that’s where the most exciting stuff was happening (in my opinion). One of my personal favorites was Final Fighting Fantasy, a love letter to the Final Fantasy series. Things have evolved since then, but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for this format because of its independent nature. Which leads us to today’s promoTales of Atonement, Season 1!

Tales of Atonement

If you’re looking for a new science fiction/fantasy story, mixed with a slice-of-life romance, then Tales of Atonement is what you’re looking for. Season 1 has officially launched and is based on A.A. Moreland’s (formerly M.A. Moreland) Tales of Atonement: Monomyth (Book 1). Filled with drama, romance, adventure, and more!

The series is brought to life by a wonderful voice cast that consists of Rachel Gallagher, Chris Beattie, Cass Merry, Louise Porter, and Kiera Rhodes. The voice cast is just part of what bring these beloved characters to life, the other half consists of a great team of artists: Fallenhoshi, Dimasyulii, Midconvo, Angeline Moreland, and Mujibur Rahman. The first season of the series is produced by Pamela Moreland, Scott St. Elmo, Jace Moreland, Earnest Curry, and Dorothy Moreland.

In addition to the episodic story, the Tales of Atonement YouTube channel has a ton of behind-the-scenes content, showing off the cast, the characters, and the process of bringing the story to life.

Find out more on Facebook, Twitter, and keep up with the story on YouTube.

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