Urban Fantasy Promo – The Fire Inside My Soul

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our first stop of the week.  We’re going to be taking a look at a heartfelt tale today, and one that will likely earn an author a favored place on your bookshelf.  If you’re looking to find out more about a love that transcends time, read on to learn more about The Fire Inside My Soul.

Author Julia Baeten would have you believing that she’s been at work as a storyteller for the better part of her life, as she has crafted a winning love story with her debut, that amounts to so much more.  In The Fire Inside My Soul, readers will be faced with deep and complex characters that grow in many ways.  At its core, Baeten’s tale centers around powerful, deep feelings.  The book contains profound subject matter that is handled remarkably well, and readers can feel the passion and the emotion apparent within the pages.  Though it’s exciting, and moves at a wonderful pace as it mixes heart-racing action and vengeance in some places, it also takes the time it needs to show poise and tenderness, and it feels properly balanced throughout.

Julia Baeten’s The Fire Inside My Soul is an intriguing story about reincarnation and love that knows no limits. For Diana, life is perfect: she has an amazing job, a beautiful apartment, and a fat paycheck; all she needs is love. Then her dreams begin. The dreams feel so real, leaving her shaken by memories that feel as if she had lived them. Just as Diana meets the man of her dreams, James, the dreams intensify, strange things begin to happen, and her boss is suddenly obsessed with her. Her perfect life begins to crumble. Questions run through Diana’s mind: What exactly do these dreams mean? Why have they come now (at the peak of her career)? How is her boss connected to all these? She is about to embark on a supernatural journey to discover the power of love.

The Fire Inside My Soul is a tender love story told in a peculiar style such that the characters teach readers lessons of compassion, friendship, and everlasting love that defy all odds, despite the brutality of men. This is a tale that is so touching and moving; it is evident that Julia Baeten writes with passion.

With twists and turns in all the right places, and defying other expectations as well, Baeten’s debut sizzles.  It’s heartfelt and captivating, capturing its reader’s attention and not letting go until the last page.  It helps that the characters let the audience in, never shying away from any vulnerabilities, and embracing any flaws that might shine through their lives.  Those who read this tale will no doubt want to keep eyes on Baeten’s catalog, and she already has another one-off book that will earn its own praise.  But it’s always great to start at the beginning, and her first is a winner.  Check out The Fire Inside My Soul on Amazon today!

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