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TTRPG Accessory Promo: anyMinis

There are so many ways to play tabletop RPGs. You don’t need much outside of knowing how to play—some dice and pen/paper are usually enough. Theater of the mind! That said, some players love props! They can be rough drawings, intricate printouts, or 3d printed models; but props help visualize these games. The issue with character minis is that you usually end up with so many of them that you don’t know what to do with them all when you’re not playing! anyMinis hopes to solve that problem.

anyMinis model

The first of its kind. An electronic Mini designed from the ground up for simplicity and ease of use. The anyMini supplements your mini collection with no extra software, keeping your eyes on the game, not on your laptop.

love this idea. While what’s pictured is just a prototype and the final design may differ, this is so rad! Imagine loading commissioned art to this device? You could update the art as your character changes! From the GM side, you don’t need to collect several minis anymore. Just have a stash of these and you can configure them for your needs. And with 6+ hours of battery, these should last for most standard sessions (unless you’re pulling an all-nighter). With the high resolution, your image will be crisp and clear—you can even keep track of conditions on the device.

And, it’s completely customizable—Not only will you be able to add a list of your custom homebrew conditions, but the code for anyMini will also be available for you to change as you wish. anyMinis are written in CircuitPython and the code will be readily available as well as documentation so you can use it how you want.

The project will soon be launching on Kickstarter, so get on that mailing list to stay up to date and be one of the first backers for this amazing project! For more information, check out the anyMini website or Facebook page.

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