Tabletop Promo: Paper Pandemic (CW aspects of the current pandemic are satirized)

paper pandemic


If I’m being completely honest, I was on the fence about touching this promo. Despite relaxed restrictions, we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Entering year 3 of that pandemic, is it too soon to satirize it? In short, I do believe (as the Kickstarter states) that we’d all rather laugh than cry. But because everyone’s experience over the last two years has been different, I wanted to make sure those that aren’t ready to laugh were warned. So, if thinking about the pandemic hurts or if you’re not ready to laugh at aspects of this pandemic, please click that little X to close the browser and take time for yourself.

That said, this pandemic either brought out the humanity of people or the crazy. For the most part, in my area at least, people came together and I was very proud of my community.

Except for the fact that I couldn’t find toilet paper for the first few months.

paper pandemic

If the pandemic taught us anything, it is what people truly value! In the height of the pandemic we need the essentials to survive and nothing more so than toilet paper.  Search the stores and hoard the most TP to become the ultimate pandemic Shopper.  Nothing else is as important in these troubling times.

Paper Pandemic

This is a pretty unique idea for a Kickstarter. Not the game itself, but rather the final product—a Print at Home copy of the game! It’s a pretty economical and environmentally friendly way to produce and deliver this game. You’ll be able to print out every aspect of the game—the board, player tokens, and other assets. You can print them in color or in black & white. You can print them on standard paper, cardstock, or go to a print store to get them printed in a higher quality. If you lose any pieces, you’ll be able to quickly print what you need too!

Paper Pandemic hero image

Game Play

Paper Pandemic doesn’t seem overly complicated to play, which makes this a great option for either a planned or impromptu game night. Print off your pieces and GO! Check out this video for more details on the game and example gameplay:

The project still has 27 days to go and is over 50% funded! Personally, I’d like to see an officially produced version of this (I love physical products vs. digital), so go back this today on Kickstarter!

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