Roll for Combat Announces Battlezoo Eldamon

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Roll for Combat Announces Battlezoo Eldamon, World’s First Collectible Tabletop RPG for 5E and Pathfinder

The first collectible tabletop RPG supplement for 5e and Pathfinder in the world, Battlezoo Eldamon, is now open for pre-order at Roll for Combat’s Kickstarter page, located at!

Eldamon are mischievous, ancient, somewhat out-of-phase beings that can transform into things, creatures, and places. Battlezoo Eldamon, which is suitable for players of all ages and play styles, enables them to make friends with over 160 different eldamon, record their special skills in an eldadex, engage in friendly combat with other players’ eldamon, and even evolve their eldamon into more potent forms. Any roleplaying game can easily incorporate them, allowing any character, regardless of class, to interact and gather them without interfering with the plot.

All ages of monster trainer fans will enjoy Battlezoo Eldamon. The rules are clear enough to be a terrific method to get kids interested in roleplaying, but they are also complex enough to provide a wide range of permutations for players who are more tactical.

Battlezoo Eldamon is something I’ve wanted to create for over 20 years. I’m excited to bring it to everyone finally, and as one of the creators of Pathfinder Second Edition, Mark Seifter is the perfect person for the job!Stephen Glicker, Roll for Combat's Publisher

You can buy Eldamon Battles, a card game related to eldamon, Battlezoo Bestiary Strange and Unusual, a bestiary with over 150 strange monsters, and Battlezoo Ancestries Year of Monsters, a year of imaginative and unexpected monster ancestries like demons, gremlins, intelligent weapons, and dungeons, in addition to Battlezoo Eldamon.


  • Befriend and train 160+ different eldamon by learning their preferences and convincing them to join you.

  • Battle other eldamon in nonlethal competitions, or use the new eldamon trainer class to fight monsters with eldamon.

  • Evolve eldamon into new forms by fulfilling their unique requirements.

  • Bring the power of eldamon and their elements into your character with the new elemental avatar class.

  • Play quick, easy battles with psychological depth with the Eldamon Battles card game.

I’m especially excited for the way that Battlezoo Eldamon is simple and accessible enough to play with your children while still deep enough to excite gamers of all ages, with a distinctive rotational playstyle encouraging you to use a variety of colorful special abilities. It’s easy to make a new eldamon, and the core that makes the system work could be transferred to another RPG without too much trouble, not just 5e and Pathfinder.Mark Seifter, Roll for Combat's Director of Game Design

Start on your journey to befriend all 160+ eldamon today at!

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