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New Funko Exclusive: Thor – Marvel Die-Cast

Pop! Thor – Marvel Die-Cast with CHANCE OF CHASE

Behold! This Die-Cast Pop! series is a brand-new premium Pop! figure that is intended to be the center-stage, top-shelf collectible. These figurines are packaged in die-cast acrylic boxes with engraved embellishments that attach to the case’s bottom. The case can be opened, and the figure can be taken out of the base, but since you can see your collection clearly from every angle, you won’t need to open the box to see all the features. These collectibles are packaged in a telescopic box with foil accents and a foam interior lining to better safeguard them during shipping.

Continue your Die-cast Pop! collection with the Exclusive Marvel Pop! Thor. There’s a 1 in 6 chance you might find the unpainted chase variant. Electrify your Marvel set and bring home Pop! Thor.

This is the latest edition of the Thor (Love and Thunder) lineup. In addition to this Die-cast Thor, there is Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, regular Thor, and the Goat Boat with Thor, Toothgnasher, & Toothgrinder.

I do love a potential chase, but I’ve been eyeing that Goat Boat Funko, which is too funny!

The Die-cast collectible is approximately 4.54-inches tall. Approximate case dimensions: 4.5“W x 6.25“H x 3.5“D.

Chase variants are shipped at random. Receiving a chase with a purchase is not guaranteed.

This latest from Marvel/Thor dropped on the other morning and will be coming soon to Funko Flagship Stores.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Funko is right now!


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