Mystery Promo: Horsehide by Tracey Williamson

Horsehide by tracey williamson featured

Everyone loves a good mystery. Think about it—some of the greatest stories ever told were mysteries. Knives Out is the most recent example of a great mystery story, cementing Benoit Blanc as one of the great fictional detectives of our time. Shows like Psych and Monk have brought smaller mystery stories to TV for over 240 episodes and 3 TV movies. Sherlock Holmes (and most definitely The Batman) is (are) the most well-known detective(s) with stories dating back to 135 years ago (83 years ago for Batman). This leads to today’s promo!

horsehide by tracey williamson

In the small community of Blackstone, psychic Zoe James is the proprietor of “The Vision Emporium.” Although it is restricted to what has already happened, her sight is real. She isn’t shy about reminding the powers that be, learning what is over and done with, was not always the most helpful.  That would demonstrate itself once more with what happened after she casually touched a horsehide coat in her best friend’s thrift store. She experienced a lovely vision as a result. Three horses in a field bathed in sunlight was indeed an exquisite image, but Zoe felt uneasy. She wanted to learn more about the tale that the hide coat had to provide. What she couldn’t see coming, what would be revealed, would bring betrayal and murder to her own doorstep.

Tracey Williamson exquisitely writes and describes the characters in Horsehide. As you read the novel, you get the impression that you were right there with them, taking in or experiencing every moment of life alongside them. Each character has a sense of familiarity and made this captivating story feel lived in. Zoe’s charming boutique really makes you want to sit down and get a reading for yourself. Horsehide prompted reflection on how animals are treated and what may be done to improve their conditions.

Williamson will have you giggling one minute and on the edge of your seat the next. Horsehide will leave you anticipating what will happen next and will run you through every single emotion. If you love murder mysteries with a touch of humor and a dash of romance, you won’t be disappointed with Horsehide. Pick up your copy today from Amazon.

Images provided Tracey Williamson.

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