LitRPG Promo – Assassin Summoner: Spite the Dark: Book 1 (LitRPG/Progression)

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to our last stop in the Otherworld of the week.  We’ve spent considerable time with author Aaron Renfroe over the past several months, and that doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.  The prolific storyteller has a new series in the works, and the first book has just released.  Filled with action movie vibes, anime-evoked aesthetics, and Renfroe’s penchant for interesting characters and captivating stories, this could be a spectacle you won’t want to miss.  Read on to learn more about Assassin Summoner: Spite the Dark: Book 1 (LitRPG/Progression).

LitRPG author Aaron Renfroe has an immense catalog that he builds quickly, and he’s grown it one book and series larger with the release of his newest, Assassin Summoner: Spite the Dark: Book 1 (LitRPG/Progression).  Those who have grown accustomed to the author’s stories will at once be drawn to his characters, as he writes them with great depth, and with dynamic development in mind.  But Spite the Dark also sets itself aside from Renfroe’s other stories as it instantly identifies itself as a high-octane experience.  Action sequences are fueled by quick and exciting choreography, and there is a freneticism that has readers eager to turn one page after the next.

Kaden knows the fate of the world, and he’s determined to stop it.

The Hunt has descended upon Earth, bestowing deadly powers upon orginary individuals and igniting a contest that will end in the destruction of all life on the planet. In this treacherous game, players must vanquish their adversaries to claim their power. With each triumph, Hunters unearth unprecedented abilities that evolve in strange, unexpected ways.

Armed with a roadmap showing the whereabouts of the most gifted villains, Kaden will race against time to thwart his rivals’ ascent to unimaginable power, all while waging a relentless battle against the impending apocalypse. However, when he uncovers the truth about an otherworldly realm known as the Madness, and the malevolent purpose behind the Hunt, he must decide: will he continue as a weapon of tyrants, or will he Spite the Dark?

Spite the Dark combines elements of 80s and 90s action films with the awe-inspiring violence and beauty of anime. It’s got a hint of Recursion, a dash of Apocalypse and a ton of awesome. Please be aware that this story contains graphic violence.

Always one to find clever ways to layer progression elements into his story, the author has nailed down some very interesting parameters here in Spite the Dark.  He creates an interesting super soldier out of Kaden Yamaguchi, and invited readers to watch as a grand and epic tale unfolds.  Renfroe is a master of the LitRPG domain, and a prolific author who is always working on one stunning story after the next.  With a follow-up in this series set to launch in March, now is the right time to explore his latest progression fantasy.  Check out Assassin Summoner: Spite the Dark: Book 1 (LitRPG/Progression) on Amazon today!

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