Sci-Fi Promo – The Salandra Path: A Coalition Series Book – 4

Greetings, travelers.  We have returned to the Otherworld again today, and we are once again looking at a science fiction story.  Today, however, we venture into the wide expanse of space, exploring the stars and beyond in a fourth-in-series that reads great as a standalone, but even better as part of a growing saga.  If that’s piqued your interest, read on to learn more about The Salandra Path: A Coalition Series Book – 4.

The fourth book in author Andrew Charles’s Coalition series, The Salandra Path takes the fascinating grandeur of space travel and the philosophies of tried-and-true sci-fi epics in a spectacular new direction.  Charles is not shy about immersing readers in the cultures and mental state of various members of the cosmos, and it is in that which his series shines.  His characters are so well-developed and dynamic, and they are part of a growing tapestry made of the great veil of space.  It isn’t merely a story of good versus evil, although every one has varying shades of grey.  Instead, it’s a chaotic weave that takes readers through thrilling twists and turns.



Embark on a gripping journey through the treacherous reaches of space in “The Salandra Path: A Coalition Series Book – 4” by Andrew Charles.

Shri Gusway, determined to redeem former Ensigns Bala Scyan and Jorl Frine, faces unexpected peril when their shuttle explodes over Byrex. Presumed dead, they are actually abducted by pirates traversing The Salandra Path, forcing them into a life-altering decision: serve or die.

As Gusway and Scyan escape their captors, a harrowing adventure unfolds. With the crew of Vanguard mourning their loss, they embark on a mission to challenge the escalating pirate threat. Meanwhile, Gusway and Scyan’s quest for survival takes them through Astil, Grundin, and into the clutches of the formidable Witch, a ruthless pirate leader with supernatural prowess.

While the Coalition launches a full-scale search, a sinister plan unfolds within the Pirates’ Den. Ascern, the psychotic partner of the Witch, seeks revenge with brutal intentions. With Gusway and Scyan facing an uncertain fate, suspense builds to a crescendo. In the electrifying conclusion, the Witch’s bond with her prisoners is tested, and Ascern’s thirst for terror reaches its zenith.

Will the heroes escape the clutches of the Pirates’ Den, or will Ascern unleash unimaginable horrors? Discover the answers in the heart-pounding conclusion of “The Salandra Path.”

While readers may learn that Shri was introduced in an earlier book in the Coalition series, the author presents her new story with enough care that it won’t feel as though they’re missing a good deal of information.  Charles has a work ethic that extends backward, however, and reading the three books that precede The Salandra Path is a very good way to immerse oneself in this great series.  If you do decide to go back to the start, don’t forget that an incredible fourth-in-series is waiting for you at the end of the road, and that there is likely more to come.  Check out The Salandra Path: A Coalition Series Book – 4 on Amazon today!

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