Sci-Fi Promo – The Planet of Darkness: Book I: The City of the Dark Tyrant

Greetings, travelers!  We trended LitRPG and Sci-Fi in January of this year, and it looks like we may keep up that momentum with our first trip through the Otherworld of February.  Today we’ve got an awesome treat for you, in the form of a sci-fi epic that spans a tremendous story millennia in the future of our universe.  If that stokes your interest, read on to learn more about The Planet of Darkness: Book I: The City of the Dark Tyrant.

Praised by award-winning sci-fi writers and fans alike, The Planet of Darkness: Book I: The City of the Dark Tyrant, by author Tirzah Darnell, is an experience not to be missed.  With life reimagined tens of centuries in the future, nothing is to be expected, as there are surprises around every corner.  Darnell tells the tale through the eyes of a multitude of characters, each who live life as a number, and not as someone with a name.  There are sci-fi elements at play, but this is the kind of story that feels as though it would appeal to fantasy lovers as well, as there are more than few elements of the supernatural that call out from that end of the speculative fiction spectrum.  Darnell’s world is anything but monolithic, and she allows her readers to explore in ways that allow them to see things from other perspectives.  On a planet of darkness, there are indeed shades of grey.

The Dark Tyrant controls every aspect of the Planet of Darkness and forbids his subjects from even thinking about his rival world, the Planet of Light. However, rebellion is stirring and one propaganda specialist begins probing for answers and ultimately must determine if the truth is worth the sacrifice of position, security, wealth, and perhaps even his family. This science fiction dystopian novel explores the themes of the struggle for power, the individual versus societal conformity, resilience in the face of mental and physical struggles, and the ability to question authoritarian control.

The presence of the Planet of Darkness is offset by the promise of a world of light, which could be a paradise to escape to.  But there are more ways than one to convince people to remain on the dark planet, including abstract distractions, and strange convictions.  Across the journey that readers are taken on, there are elements of intrigue and self-reflective intellectual quandaries.  Darnell doesn’t just set out a world without life, but invites her readers on a walkabout in a world that is anything but what it appears to be at first glance.  With every realization and revelation that comes to pass, the audience is bound to be that much more determined to find out what is in store beyond the veil of darkness.  With two other books of a trilogy planned for this incredible series, there’s no better time than now to dive into the first book.  Check out The Planet of Darkness: Book I: The City of the Dark Tyrant on Amazon today!

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