Lifeafter x Attack on Titan Crossover Event

lifeafter crossover with attack on titan

The First Crossover between Lifeafter x Attack on Titan Has Started, Armored Titan Arrives in Doomsday World

September 15, 2022, marked the official start of the first crossover event between the well-known anime and the Open World Doomsday Survival Game. It will go through September 29. More than 90 authentically replicated crossover goods, including the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, are available throughout the event, along with unique crossover gameplay. On the LifeAfter official Facebook page, a number of bonus activities are now taking place. Avoid missing out!

A perilous open environment with genuine seasonal changes, vicious Infected, and precarious survival conditions was created by LifeAfter, a game that has received close to 200 million downloads worldwide. To survive another day, players must use all available resources and put in a lot of effort with other survivors! LifeAfter was included in Google Play’s list of the best competitive mobile games in 2019 because of its realistic depiction of a post-apocalyptic planet!

New Stage: Armored Titan Attacks Camp

Armored Titan, a new boss, first appears in the crossover stage right outside the camp. It roars, beckoning the Infected to attack the Camp. In order to safeguard the supply box in Downtown, players must assemble a 4-player squad, repel attackers, and fight the Armored Titan in 20 minutes. Players will have to take out the Infected one by one as they attack the Camp in rounds. Players are forced to retreat to Downtown and shut the gate as the Infected population rises. Armored Titan, however, will charge at the defense and attempt to break through with its powerful might, starting the Downtown battle! Be aware that the Armored Titan has an Armor Protection mechanism that forces players to damage it continuously in order to defeat it and win the level.

It should be noted that after a player is defeated, they require some time to respawn in their original location. The challenge is lost if all four members of the squad are killed before their turn to respawn. Every day, players can tackle the stage as many times as they like, and it will be matched and scored based on various levels of difficulty (but the clearance reward will be claimed once per day). The thrilling stage is outside your front door. Invite your friends over and take it on right away!

Over 90 Crossover Items to Enrich Doomsday Survival Experience

There will be more than 90 Attack on Titan crossover accessories to enhance the doomsday experience in addition to the stressful and thrilling crossover gameplay! There will also be original Attack on Titan-themed Outfits, Hoodies, and T-shirts in addition to skins for Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Historia Reiss. There will also be three pet outfits with an Attack on Titan theme for the player’s canine best friend.

Additionally, new vehicles, weapons, and drone appearances will give players’ end-of-the-world survival gear a fresh look. The human warriors in Attack on Titan will use “omnidirectional mobility gear” that will enhance the air battle experience. Moreover, you can furnish your Manor with themed chairs, beds, carpets, tables, and wallpapers. Please play the game to see more of the clash between Attack on Titan and the end-of-the-world scenario!

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