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Game Promo: Upgrader

On a day like today, the day after the Philadelphia Eagles lose the Super Bowl, you need to find something to take your mind off the negative. That could be a book, show, or film; but I always find the best way to go from morose to cheerful is to play a good game. This not only makes today’s promo relevant, but a happy escape!


Inspired by games like Vampire Survivors, Upgrader (developed by Socks Studio and published by Lunatic Studio) is a top-down roguelike game where you gather rare loot and upgrade! Earn gold to buy weapons and pets, or hang out in the arcade! The base game contains 8 levels of fun and in the Monster Hunt DLC, you’ll get to hunt monsters! Earn crafting materials to make even stronger legendary weapons!

Compared to most modern games, the graphics are of lesser quality, but those of us that enjoy games from yesteryear will be delighted with the nostalgic look Upgrader offers. Despite the simple premise, the game offers various modes of gameplay, a variety of characters, and a variety of mobs and challenges to keep things interesting. If you like games that promise further updates, Upgrader is for you! While the game is currently available with the base game and the Monster Hunt DLC, plans include two additional DLC modes—Monster Masher and another to be announced later.

Find more info on Upgrader‘s Steam page or its itch.io page and follow the publisher on YouTube for more details!


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