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Sorrowful Night Cover

I know it’s only April, but I love scary and creepy stories all year long. We just had Scream VI a few weeks ago—it doesn’t have to be October to be spooky season! That’s why I’m really excited about this game that will be launching soon on Steam—Sorrowful Night.

Sorrowful Night is a 4 vs. 1 multiplayer game developed using Unreal Engine 5. You can play as evil sorcerers and witches hunting terrified villagers to satisfy your hunter need or try to resist by embodying one of the 4 villagers capable of banishing the sorcerer or witch.

Sorrowful Night… can you survive?

A little Hamlet has been guarding a sacred text with the power to exterminate the witches that threaten humankind’s existence for generations. But when a blood-red moon emerged one night, it was not a good omen. A witch looking for the holy book destroyed the village within an hour.

Unfortunately, the guards who knew the location of the book took their knowledge with them when they died. Only you and three of your neighbors have the ability to avert this catastrophe by locating the holy book. You need to act quickly because the witch is also looking for it, and if she finds it and destroys it, humanity will descend into anarchy.

Intended for teenagers and young adults, Sorrowful Night is a survival game in which players have two choices:

  1. Play as a villager in a party of 4
  2. Play alone as a witch

As a villager, you can attempt to find the sacred text and ban the witch once and for all; returning to your peaceful life. Or, you can flee if the odds are stacked against you and you no longer wish to risk your life for the rest of humanity. Succeed in banishing the witch and you will be rewarded for your bravery. Fail and the witch will attack other villages. If they manage to find the sacred text before you, well, you may have no peaceful life to get back to.

Be sure to add Sorrowful Night to your wishlist on Steam and follow Butterfly Effect on Facebook and Twitter for more details about the game, its release, and more!

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