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ShipHead Display

Life moves fast and one of the most challenging things is making time to bond with family. Everyone is working, going to school, playing sports, dancing, and many other activities that adults and kids have going on in their lives. Sometimes, finding that time to bond—with your kids, with your significant other, or as a family—can be difficult. A great way we’ve found time to bond as a family in my household is with family puzzle and/or game nights!

ShipHead Display


From designer Peter Gelman of Sir Deer & Owls, ShipHead is a “shedding” card game—also known as a ladder down game. The objective is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. The gameplay starts with cards in each player’s hand, cards on the table face down, and face-up cards on top of the face-down cards. To shed cards, you move them to a center pile where the next player needs to play an equal or lower-numbered set of cards (up to 4 of the same rank). If a player can’t shed their cards, they must pick up the growing center pile! To win the game, you want to end up with the least amount of points—points are received based on the cards players hold when another player goes out.

ShipHead is the perfect way to start or end a game night with friends and/or family with its fast-paced gameplay. It’s not overly complicated which allows for a quick setup, a small learning curve, and is perfect for players of all ages. Meaningful decisions combat that nature of wanting to get rid of your cards as soon as you can. Do you get rid of them at the first opportunity or save certain cards for a decisive moment?

Key Features

  • For 3-7 players
  • 108 sturdy cards
  • Fun for gamers, families, and casual or serious play
  • Easy rules, smart play. Tactics & Strategy. Risks and surprises. Meaningful decisions.
  • ShipHead is a great way to start or end your Game Night
  • Cheerful ship-headed characters on the cards
  • Illustrated rules and page of examples
  • Excellent replayability

Timing is everything in ShipHead. When do you take risks? How do you avoid them? When do you put pressure on the other players? How do you manipulate the flow? Can you wait for the right moment to make your big play? ShipHead offers fast and spirited play, tension, and meaningful decisions. Pick the game up on Amazon today or check your local game store for availability!

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