Game Promo: Quarantine – Will You Escape?

Quarantine Board Game Cover

Content Warning: Quarantine, Pandemic (Zombie)

One of the last things I want to consider in 2023 is another quarantine. That said, when you remove yourself from the life you’ve just lived for the last 3+ years, some excellent storytelling opportunities involve quarantines. What caused the quarantine is a story in itself, but the human emotion and drama that comes from isolation, even if you are doing so as a group, can be the source of a strong story. That said, today’s promo allows you to play in the world of a Zombie outbreak!

Quarantine Board Game Cover

Will you escape Quarantine? Or will you hunt down the survivors? The choice is yours.

Quarantine pits Humans vs. Zombies

It’s finally happened. Zombies have risen from the grave and they are hungry. Hungry for human flesh! As the dead lurk around every corner, the remaining survivors have only one choice left—gather their courage (and supplies) and make the perilous journey to escape Quarantine!

Players can either take on the role of a human survivor or command a member of the undead army. If you choose to be human, you must survive long enough to reach the helicopter and escape your quarantine. Choosing to play as a zombie puts you on your own one-track path—eliminate the remaining humans to feed your ever-growing horde.

Hidden throughout the board are various power-ups for both humans and zombies. Humans can find guns, med kits, and everything in between to aid them in their fight. Meanwhile, zombies can unlock horrific mutations to chase their food better.

Quarantine Characters

Key Features

  • Quick gameplay, taking about 30-60 minutes
  • 2-5 players
  • For ages 12+ (Quarantine is frightening fun for the whole family!)
  • Excellent replayability

Quarantine offers a quick and easy setup, making it a great addition to any game night. The actual gameplay isn’t overly complicated, making it an easy game for new and experienced gamers to enjoy. Combat is more perilous for human players, as even if you win the battle—simply sending the zombie back to its starting point—you must roll to see if you become infected. While much of the game relies on chance—who rolls higher—there is strategic play when it comes to collecting and using the supply (human) and mutation (zombie) cards, which can affect the outcome of combat.

The goal of the game is simple—humans must escape quarantine and reach the helicopter, without getting infected. Zombies must prevent this by either killing the humans, infecting (and turning) humans, or scaring off the helicopter waiting for the humans.

Will you escape Quarantine?

Pick up the game today over on The Game Crafter!

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