Old West Gunfighter Showdown Promo

Game Promo: Old West Gunfighter Showdown

Playing video games as a kid, and I’m talking about when I was a kid, was nowhere near as easy as it is today. Most of the time you had to be at home and within a few feet of the TV. IF you had something more mobile, like Game Boy or Game Gear, you had to make sure you had fresh batteries! These days, you can lounge on your couch, in the backseat of a car, or on the train without much worry. Oh no, am I the old person now?!? I suppose that’s fitting for today’s promo: Old West Gunfighter Showdown.

The American Frontier—also called the Old West or the Wild West—was known for infamous gunslingers and outlaws. The Westland was filled with desperados and the law, sheriffs, and bounty hunters shooting down each other in epic gun fight battles. Now is the time to grab that cowboy hat, and revolver and take down notorious outlaws running from justice in this arcade-action offline game!

Old West Gunfighter Showdown is a throwback to games of yesteryear. It’s an easy-to-play, yet challenging-to-master duel game. When I’m playing a game on my phone, I’m not necessarily looking for a depth of storytelling and game mechanics—I’m just trying to get throw the next 15 minutes before a meeting. Old West Gunfighter Showdown scratches that itch with its simple and fun gameplay but keeps your attention with its challenging AI. A huge bonus, the game is styled like that of our, or at least my, childhood—retro pixel art and some good ol’ fashion classic arcade background music.

Old West Gunfighter Showdown, from HW Studio, is now available on the Google Play Store! Download and show that you’re the quickest draw in the west today!

Images and Video Courtesy of HW Studio.


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