Game Promo: Oath to Embers

It’s no secret that I love solo games. As you get older and have kids and other responsibilities, meeting up with friends to have game nights is harder. Don’t get me wrong, I also really love family game nights, but those games fall short of tabletop roleplaying games, action/adventure board games, and the like. Solo games allow me to play genres of games that my wife and kids aren’t necessarily into. I first noticed them with TTRPG games, but solo gaming is expanding. And while today’s promo isn’t exclusively solo play, it does offer it!

Oath to Embers

Boernallye needs heroes. King Regis himself has issued a call to arms, offering rewards to those who would fight to keep the peace. Adventurers and mercenaries from all over Astyira have gathered in Boernallye, seeking wealth and fame in exchange for the heads of brigands and the occasional monster.

Oath to Embers is a dark fantasy dungeon crawler board game for 1-4 players. This Co/Op board game uses a choose-your-own-adventure mechanic that allows for multiple endings to the story. Additionally, there is a deck-building component for combat within the game. Essentially, Oath to Embers combines three of the most popular styles of tabletop—board game, TTRPG, and deck builders—to create a fun and immersive style of gameplay.

Now, what makes this promo very special is that Oath to Embers isn’t exactly ready to pick up and play. The creator, Halo Grey, is sharing the entire process of creating this game from start to finish. Why is this important? The tabletop community, whether it be board gamers, role players, or duelists, usually doesn’t get to see the creation of a game this intimately. Showing the process not only allows the community to be deeply invested in the creation and success of the game, but it shows just what goes into an independent creator developing a game. In addition, Halo Grey is essentially creating a tutorial on how to create your own game.

The tabletop community is at its strongest when there are more creators—Oath to Embers and Halo Grey are shining examples of that community.

Further, what makes this promo even more special is that we’re going to be following along with Halo Grey as he works on Oath to Embers. Over the next month, we’ll be reporting (via TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) on the progress of the game. Most excitingly, we’ll be wrapping up our follow-along with an interview with Halo to get the details of his game design approach, why he decided to share the behind-the-scenes publically, and more.

You can also follow along with Halo directly by checking out the Oath to Embers Instagram and YouTube. For more information on the game, including the story and a sneak peek at the mechanics, head on over to! Join the community on Discord and don’t miss any of the important updates, playtest demos, and more by subscribing to the newsletter.


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