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Escape Lab

While I haven’t done a ton of them, I love the idea of escape rooms. They’re a fun experience, even if they are a bit chaotic. You have a group of people working on multiple things to accomplish the same goal—ESCAPE! I believe I have been part of groups that have successfully escaped every time, though I will say I’ve noticed I tend to overthink things and miss the very obvious clues. On a recent vacation to Ocean City, Maryland, the kids wanted to try one, and OH BOY, that was a fun family experience! We escaped, but just barely. It’s also fascinating how escape rooms have jumped from real, actual rooms, to board and video games.

Escape Lab (an Online Escape Room for 1 or 2 players)

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A lovely evening takes an evil twist, as you wake up locked up in the lab of the psychopathic Dr. Holmes. Can you and your partner escape the lab before the time runs out and you become his next human guinea pigs?

Escape Lab is a free escape room game for 2 players. The game is played online between two players who are either physically seated next to one other or playing in their homes. Playing the game necessitates constant communication (such as voice calls).

Escape Lab features:

  • Witness the horrid experiments conducted by Dr. Holmes, and use all your wit to avoid ending up in one of them
  • Play with a friend, spouse, or a family member
  • Cooperate to solve puzzles and escape the lab
  • Dark, scary atmosphere with beautiful graphics
  • Interact with objects by tapping on them. Join your partner by tapping on the Partner Location icon on the top left
  • It takes about 1-1.5 hours to escape, and the game can be stopped and resumed later

Escape Lab Episode 1 is free for 2 players and can be found on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. There is a single-player version available for $2.99 and Escape Lab Episode 2 is also available for $1.99.

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