Game Promo: ATLAS: Secure The Rift

ATLAS: secure the rift

I made an impulse purchase the other day—a pre-built commander deck of Magic: The Gathering cards, which is really odd as I haven’t played in about 6-7 years. Just something in my gut said I should purchase them. They are gorgeous cards and I am very impressed with some of the abilities; but boy, how has Magic changed in just that small time frame (and how it has REALLY changed since I played on a regular basis in the mid to late 90s)! There’s just something about that trading card gaming style I love, which is why I’m very stoked for today’s promo.

ATLAS: Secure The Rift

The year was 2008 P.A. Post Atlas, and the future looked bright for the people of Atlas. The Ark had successfully transported humans to the distant planet, and the colony was thriving. However, as the generations passed, a deep-seated animosity grew between the factions vying for control.

Currently funding on The Game CrafterATLAS: Secure the Rift is Sci-Fi/Horror trading card game. Influenced by games like Magic: The GatheringHearthstone, and Slay the SpireATLAS: Secure the Rift pays homage to those classics while incorporating unique mechanics of its own. When backing the game, you can choose from 1 of 4 themed decks (or get 1 of each to collect every card in the 124-card set!): The Abhorrent (extradimensional beings of pure nightmare), The Annex (endless waves of self-aware worker droids and drones), The Federation (human colonists with biochemical engineering), and The Dreg (band of Wasteland dwellers, junkies, mercenaries, and thieves). Each deck comes with 40 main deck cards, 10 energy deck cards, and 4 exclusive art tokens.

How to Play ATLAS: Secure the Rift

You can find the rules for ATLAS: Secure the Rift on the funding page (near the bottom), but the game blends elements from the games you know and love in the trading card game space with a fresh spin of their own. While you’ll have two decks to draw from—your energy deck and your main deck—you’ll activate energy the same way you’d gain mana in Magic: The Gathering to summon the soul/action/tech card you want to play.

The future of ATLAS is uncertain. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Will you emerge victorious in the war for control?

For more information, or to support ATLAS: Secure the Rift, head on over to the landing page on The Game Crafter.

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