Adventures of the Old Testament title page

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Adventures of the Old Testament – The Bible Video Game

Unquestionably significant, the Bible is full of epic tales and lessons. Some have compared it to a combination of the HBO series Game of Thrones, the Lord of the Rings, and the 12 Rules of Life by Jordan Peterson. However, in the present era, its written form is frequently disregarded in favor of more cutting-edge forms of communication and engagement. But what if it were possible to update the Bible for the modern era? To transform its thrilling adventure and heart-pounding situations into a thrilling, immersive experience?

Adventures of the Old Testament title page

Adventures of the Old Testament is a brand-new independent game that aims to translate into a video game the struggles, tribulations, and action-packed adventures of the Old Testament of the Bible. It’s a fully playable experience that places you in the roles of some of history’s most well-known characters and combines real-time strategy and role-playing game elements. The game has single-player, multiplayer, and open-world modes for all types of fun for players to play!

Adventures of the Old Testament features over 80 episodes of biblical stories and scripture summaries in brief, simple-to-understand animations, allowing you to explore all 39 books of the Old Testament through a variety of quest-like levels. Everything from the beginning of the world to Moses escaping Egypt, David and Goliath’s conflict, and Daniel in the lion’s cave will be experienced by you.

According to developer/publisher ROKiT Studios, Adventures of the Old Testament will launch for PC, MAC, iOS, and Android between August 31 and September 7 (with free monthly updates to the game) and for all consoles in November 2022. They strongly advise potential gamers to go on to social media (available at to keep up with the project’s development in real-time.

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Key Features

Journey through the chapters of the Old Testament with role-playing scenarios of some of the most iconic characters in the Bible:

  • Read the Scriptures in quick, bite-sized summaries
  • Watch over 70 episodes of biblical stories
  • Play as some of the characters in quest-driven gameplay developed in Unity.
  • Over FOUR HOURS of animation made in Unreal
  • Watch the stories of the Old Testament
  • Enjoyable for all ages, young and old

Play in 3D action-adventure RPG, assuming the roles of characters like Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, and many more!

  • Quest-based gameplay to experience the stories of the Old Testament
  • Local co-op to play with a friend
  • Gather in Old Jerusalem in a Community Hub to interact with other players

Images provided by ROKiT Studios. Any religious views expressed in this game are not necessarily shared by That’s Entertainment and its contributors and, at the time of this writing, we’ve done the research to ensure that this game and its creators don’t break our Promotional Post Policy.


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