Film Promo: The Bastard Son

For those that celebrated this past weekend, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! While it was a bit different for my family this year, it was still a wonderful time to rest and relax. A quick recharge before we conclude 2021. And with that, we look to what 2022 may bring—for That’s Entertainment, we’ve got an exciting first look at Michele Plunkett’s next film, The Bastard Son.

The Bastard Son Movie Poster

A Fatherless man from the wrong side of town. He is conceived by a teenager who was a victim of rape. Unable to reap the benefits of a functional family nor education, he turns to a life of crime to help his family level the playing field of life. His life takes an even dark turn when his younger sister is attacked and left for dead in the gutter. He becomes blinded by rage as he tracks down her attackers and crumbles them to bloody oblivion in the name of family vengeance.

The Director

Michele Plunkett, Director of The Bastard Son

Michele Plunkett is a filmmaker based in Connecticut. Currently filming The Bastard Son, the film is a dedication to her brother who recently passed away. The oldest of four children, all of whom were unwanted illegitimate kids of their fathers. Pulling from her real life, Plunkett wrote a fictional screenplay using her true childhood. The Bastard Son has some controversial subjects, but it’s something the director knows her brother would have appreciated because it will shine a light on the challenges they had to endure growing up.

The Bastard Son is set to release in October of 2022. Be sure to check out the production site for more updates, as well as keeping your eyes peeled to That’s Entertainment for any further developments!

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