Embark on Epic Journeys: Pathfinder Beginner Box Days

Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of Pathfinder Second Edition? Join Beginner Box Days for a week of free gaming hosted by r/Pathfinder2e, starting April 13, 2024!

Adventure Awaits: Begin Pathfinder For Free

If you’ve ever wanted to try Pathfinder Second Edition but had trouble finding a game, there is hope. Beginner Box Days offer a fantastic opportunity for newcomers to experience the excitement of Pathfinder Remastered, guided by experienced gamemasters. From April 13 to April 21, players can embark on an adventure filled with monsters, traps, and puzzles, all while learning the core game concepts.

Whether you’re delving through the dungeon using a provided pre-generated character or creating your own, the Beginner Box is designed to introduce players to the Pathfinder universe gradually. As you progress through the levels, the complexity and difficulty increase, culminating in an epic final showdown.

This event marks the third annual Beginner Box Days, aiming to introduce new players to the tabletop roleplaying game hobby. Previous events have been resounding successes, with over 300 players and 60 gamemasters participating in each. The release of Paizo’s deluxe Foundry VTT module during the first event was met with enthusiasm, further enhancing the gaming experience.

Lead organizer and r/Pathfinder2e mod Pete Zupan expressed excitement about this year’s event, highlighting the focus on helping players navigate the remastered edition of Pathfinder. With the release of reworked versions of essential materials under the Open RPG Creative license, including Player Core, GM Core, and Monster Core, players can expect a fresh and immersive gaming experience.

The Pathfinder Beginner Box is available in both physical and digital formats, providing accessibility to players worldwide. Additionally, companies like Roll20, Demiplane, and Foundry VTT have contributed prizes and discounts to support the event, enriching the gaming experience for participants.

Join over 130 available games throughout the week and earn credits towards your first Pathfinder Society character. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to embark on epic adventures and connect with fellow tabletop enthusiasts. Register for a game or sign up as a game master at beginpf2.com, or join the Discord community at discord.gg/pathfinder2e!


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