Book Promo: The Singer: Come Walk By Me Softly by Roger Himes

The Singer cover

I’m not sure if it’s a trend yet, but a fascinating thing is happening with books these days. Over the course of promoting different projects over the last few months—books, games, films, etc.—I’ve noticed books getting music released alongside the book release. Perhaps a single track vs. a whole album, but still, it’s an innovative way to market and release a book. TV Shows, films, and even games receive soundtracks, so why not books? Roger Himes must have had that same question while writing The Singer: Come Walk By Me Softly.

The Singer cover

Scott Bailey is a burned-out lawyer in a midlife crisis who wants to become The Singer. When he convinces his family to relocate to the mountains, he embarks on a life-changing musical journey of easy listening acoustical music. At first, his family loves the change of pace and enjoys their newfound peace, happiness, and family closeness in their lifestyle. But then while singing in a nightclub, Scott meets Christy and they become friends. When their friendship evolves into adultery, things get messy with their marriage seemingly headed for divorce.

The Singer is a story of forgiveness, healing, and restoration of the human spirit unlike any other. Following a lawyer as he changes his life to become a singer and has an excellent narrative for people of all ages, as it contains numerous practical and spiritual truths as well as strong humor. Megan, The Singer‘s teen daughter, plays an important part in facing her father’s hypocrisy and infidelity while he wants her to stay chaste.

This book is unique in that it includes a 12-song soundtrack that accompanies the tale and adds to the emotional and intimate effect of the story. The songs are written and performed by the author himself, Roger Himes. You can pick up The Singer: Come Walk by Me Softly from Amazon and other retailers.

Images courtesy of Roger Himes.

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