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66° Beverage Company Releases Dealcoholized CBD Wine Beverages

66° Beverage Company Releases the First-to-Market, Dealcoholized CBD Wine Beverages, Fusing Everyone’s Love for Wine and Cannabis

66° Beverage Company cbd winesFor fans of cannabis and fine wine, today’s news is fantastic! Health Advance Inc., a wellness and development firm (OTC: HADV), is leading the development of 66° Beverage Company’s CBD-infused, decaffeinated wines. Cannabis and items derived from it have become increasingly popular in recent years. These products may already be used for adult consumption in 21 states. And the creation of 66° Beverage Company is unquestionably a major player in the market for adult beverages.

The 66° Beverage Company is pleased to have combined the love of wine and cannabis in a potent, delectable, and non-milky form. Their broad spectrum CBD-infused wine beverages have a 25mg CBD content and are designed to start working within 10 to 20 minutes of drinking. With its own formulation and de-alcoholization technique, 66° Beverage Company created a beverage with fewer calories, sugars, and carbs. With the added bonus of no headache, their beverages have given consumers the thrill of drinking wine without alcohol.

Each 66° beverage is made from the best non-GMO grapes grown in California and is available in a range of delectable tastes to suit the palates of all wine connoisseurs. Red wine, white wine, and rosé have all currently been dealcoholized, each with its own profile. Cannabis and alcohol are extremely popular, with Gen Z slowly overtaking millennials and Gen X as the largest consumer groups. 66° Beverage Company is the first to market with a product that unquestionably fills a specific gap in the adult beverage market.

This development by the 66° Beverage Company embodies a trend that will cause shockwaves in this business for years to come in addition to a progression in adult beverages. According to their website, 66° Beverage is more than simply a beverage; it’s an experience that they can now provide to any interested customer.

David and Michael Katz, a father-and-son team who have over 40 years of combined expertise in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, are the leaders of The 66° Beverage Company. Both David and Michael are passionate wine connoisseurs.


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