simply delish makes allergen-free desserts

10 different ways to make Allergen-free Puddings & Jels

Peanut and Dairy are the most common Allergies affecting 35 Million people in USA. Simply Delish is launching the World’s First sugar-free, Keto-certified plant-based instant Puddings and Jels are now available in 1735 Kroger stores, making it easier than ever to make allergen-free desserts!

With many options to make your treats delectable without the sugar, carbs, gluten, and allergies, Simply Delish is a serious pantry staple. The sixty million Kroger customers around the country can now purchase all eight Simply Delish Instant puddings and Jels. Simply Delish is a flexible ingredient that can be used guilt-free to baked goods, smoothies, and more in addition to being the ideal sugar-free delectable dessert. Natural flavors and colors are used in all Simply Delish products, which are also NON-GMO Verified, plant-based, Keto, allergy-free, and gluten-free.

[blockquote cite=”Martin Parmensky” type=”right”]From frosting to fondue, Simply Delish makes just about anything more delicious while being sugar-free—without the artificial sweeteners and chemical-based ingredients that come to mind when you think of a sweet treat. The possibilities are endless, and we’ve proven there is a way to have your guilt-free Keto cake and eat it too![/blockquote]

The following are the top 10 uses for Simply Delish goods, according to customers:

  1. Baking: add to cakes, cookies, pies etc.
  2. Smoothies: blend ⅓ sachet Simply Delish Jels with a cup of your favorite frozen fruits
  3. Fillings: both the Jels and Instant Puddings make a great filling
  4. Frosting: blend up with coconut milk for a heavy whipped, sugar-free frosting
  5. Frozen Fruits: sprinkle on grapes and freeze for a delicious frozen treat
  6. Jello Shots: with or without alcohol, these are always a winner
  7. Freezer Pops:  combine Jel with water and an electrolyte, pour into popsicle sleeves, and freeze
  8. Parfait: just add some fresh fruit for a healthy breakfast idea
  9. Chia Seed or Overnight Oats Pudding: mix one of our Jels or Instant Puddings with plant-based milk, chia, or oats, refrigerate overnight and enjoy
  10. Fondue: mix an unflavored Jel with water, melting cheese, and spices – and start dipping

Simply Delish has expanded its delicious line of plant-based, gelatin-free Jels and Instant Puddings into 1635 Kroger locations, in addition to Sprouts and Whole Foods, after being highlighted in Forbes and VegNews as a top vegan product. Follow Simply Delish on Facebook, @simplydelishnatural on Instagram, and @simplydelish on Pinterest and YouTube for healthy ideas. Visit the Store Locator to find a store close to you. Check out to learn more.


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