Urban Fantasy Promo – STALKED: An Interracial Erotic Paranormal Horror Romance (Adult Content)

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to another stop in the Otherworld.  It’s rare that we feature much content that we would label “Adult” here in the Otherworld.  In order for it to qualify for promotion, it needs to have literary merit before steamy scenes.  That is, we’re not interested in promoting pornography here, but if there is steam content in the story and it elevates the other elements of the author’s work, we’re more than happy to spread the word (along with some nsfw warnings, where needed).  The good news is that is just what you’ll get with STALKED: An Interracial Erotic Paranormal Horror Romance.

Author A.C. Greenlee is far beyond the beginning stages of making a name for themselves in the paranormal erotic romance realm.  In fact, they’re pretty much the go-to person for when you want to read something steamy that features twists of color that break through stereotypical and tropey sorts of romance.  So it is in their latest, STALKED: An Interracial Erotic Paranormal Horror Romance.  While there is a ton of chemistry between the fated couplings in Greenlee’s book, and it does get sufficiently steamy enough to slap an adults only label on it, the prose surrounding the hot and heavy moments is strong enough that you could have easily cut the romance at the door, and still had a very powerful, captivating, and entertaining book.

Quick-witted and astute, Park Ranger Agnes Stallard has dedicated her life to the protection and conservation of the animals living in Litchfield State Park. Between fighting off poachers and keeping her hot-tempered boyfriend out of trouble, this small-town girl has more than enough to keep her busy. Or so she thinks. When two hikers turn up murdered and eviscerated on her watch, life at her beloved park gets a whole lot more interesting. As more bodies are unearthed, her investigation leads her to the unlikeliest of sources; an ominous presence that once only existed in urban legends. When this being threatens the wolf-pack living at the heart of Litchfield, Agnes is forced to put her very life on the line to secure everything she holds dear—even at the cost of the man she once thought she loved.

Fearless but cynical, Wesley Kristiansen is Litchfield’s reluctant alpha-wolf. Sanctioned by the Ranger Captain himself to defend the colony, he is the judge, jury and executioner for anyone who threatens their way of life. However, this responsibility comes at a cost, creating an atmosphere of dissension and mistrust with the very Lycanthropes he has sworn to safeguard. When members of the pack start disappearing—and turning up dead—Wesley is naturally the first to be blamed. But the horrific threat lurking in the deepest recesses of their once charming forest is far worse than even an angry werewolf with a mate to protect.

With the local authorities demanding answers for the murders, a colony of werewolves ready to revolt, and an ex-boyfriend turned coworker from hell thrown into the mix, the last thing Agnes and Wesley need is a vicious stalker on their tails. But the ancient forests of Litchfield are no longer safe, and if they want to survive the danger skulking in the darkness, carnage and brutality must become their new norm. With their lives and even their relationship on the line, its up to the indomitable lovers to bring about order—by any means necessary.

S T A L K E D is a standalone BWWM shifter romance novel with elements of horror, science fiction and erotica.
Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Greenlee could have focused on just what happens between the sheets, so to speak, but they’ve managed to build a little corner of a world here that feels rich and engaging.  It’s a twist on werewolf lore that will keep readers intrigued, whether they’re diving into the pages for something saucy, or something with a bit more bite.  It also helps that the author captivates their audience with great prose that keeps them on the edge of their seats, and with characters that are dynamic and show growth throughout their journeys.  If that sounds like it’s up your alley, don’t wait on this great, steamy, fun book.  Check out STALKED: An Interracial Erotic Paranormal Horror Romance on Amazon today!

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