Sci-Fi Promo – Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny (Sci-Fi Galaxy Book 1)

Greetings travelers!  It’s been a little while, and I hope that you had a lovely long weekend.  We’re back today with a trip across the stars, amongst the Otherworld.  Our newest promo takes us to a version of our galaxy where everything is at stake, but it all comes down to a special kind of love, and the sacrifices one would make—for the good of humanity, and for the good of those closest to us.  If that sounds like something you would be interested in, read on to learn more about Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny (Sci-Fi Galaxy Book 1).

An author with a mind toward what the future could realistically hold for us, Jeremy Clift brings philosophical and ethical questions to the page, and props them up beneath a veneer of tremendous spacefaring spectacle. His first book, Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny (Sci-Fi Galaxy Book 1), is as much a love story as a bombastic sci-fi. Sacrifice and a search for redemption encompass the more intimate pieces of this story, but they live among a grand backdrop that has galaxy-shaking implications. At some points academic-adjacent, Clift’s novel considers real problems that humanity may have to endure, but presents them in ways that are as entertaining as they are harrowing. Born in Space will indeed appeal to fans of sweeping space epics, but even they will likely be drawn to the core philosophical questions and emotional turmoil at hand, rooting for good to win out over greed.

A mother’s desperate fight to reunite with her children, but artificially in a space lab.

When Teagan Ward claims seven test-tube babies—conceived aboard a space habitat as an experiment to populate the stars—are her children, she triggers a fight that consumes all those she loves.

“Born in Space” chronicles a gripping tale of sacrifice, incarceration, and deliverance.

As life on Earth crumbles and the rich seek sanctuary in rotating space habitats, desire and ambition collide as a greedy billionaire mining boss and his scheming doctor seek to exploit the mineral-rich asteroids. The seven children become enmeshed in the battle for interstellar resources, including an ancient crystal that holds the key to unlocking the universe’s mysteries and buying the release of their fugitive mother. As alliances shift and betrayals unfold, the fate of worlds hangs in the balance.

In the tradition of Ray Bradbury and William Gibson, “Born in Space:” is a thought-provoking journey into the depths of space and the human spirit. For fans of “Interstellar” and “2001: A Space Odyssey,” this speculative fiction gem by Jeremy Clift promises an immersive experience like no other.

Appealing to sci-fi enthusiasts and casual speculative fiction enjoyers alike, Born in Space is the kind of story that readers will love, and want to share with others.  It’s a compelling tale with twists that will keep readers on the edges of their seats while they watch as humanity’s fate hangs in the balance, all while a more intimate expression of love takes an interesting spot on center stage.  Clift shows incredible prowess as a first-time author, and he will no doubt demonstrate why he and his work have received such praise since the Born in Space hit shelves.  If this book sounds like it’s something you would be interested in, don’t wait any longer. Check out Born in Space: Unlocking Destiny (Sci-Fi Galaxy Book 1) on Amazon today!

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