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Greetings travelers, and welcome to another trip into the Otherworld.  It has been a little while since our last foray into another talented author’s incredible literary universe, but that changes in a big way today.  If you’ve been looking for something that feels fresh and lively, even amid a darker palette of artistic writing, you’ll absolutely love what we have in store for you today.  Read on to learn more about The Calling, by Liam Lombard.

Author Liam Lombard presents a world that is cast in violent darkness and enveloped in a withering veil, with his debut, The Calling, the first book in his Farom’s Mysteries series.  From the opening pages, readers will be knee-deep in writing that deftly flows from the pages, with striking action sequences handled with catching cadence, or flowing, descriptive passages that immerse them in a world defined by richness and novelty.  Lombard brings together two characters from vastly different parts of the same world, stitching their tales closer and closer together with a wonderful balance, ensuring that everything feels in its place at the right time.  The Calling consistently builds on its momentum, inching ever closer to a powerful crescendo.

In a decaying world where fantastical creatures struggle to survive, Dromdil is torn away from his community as he awakens strange magics. He is thrust headfirst into a terrifying adventure, joined only by a mysterious creature who dwells within his shadow.

Across the continent, a hotheaded blood mage named Jormander chafes against his vampire master’s tight reins, desperate to become powerful enough to escape his past. As he struggles through impossible tasks, a young courier helps him rekindle the flames of his humanity.

As the two fight for control of their lives, their separate paths begin to merge through an ominous twist of fate. Their preordained meeting has already been set. The decisions they make will determine the fate of the world.

With some echoes of a Tolkien-esque world, The Calling has the ability to drop readers into a story that has the potential for great darkness, but isn’t afraid to shine a little light on some of its characters from time to time.  It is in striking that quirky, innocent view against the toxic, dangerous landscape that Lombard’s debut really has the means to draw in its audience.  And with character development and interactions that will no doubt excite and delight, it’s easy to be whisked away by the story.  If you want to be captivated by a a world that is as enthralling as it is dynamic, don’t hesitate to dive into interesting land of Farom.  Check out The Calling by Liam Lombard on Amazon today!

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