Fantasy Promo – The Broken Prince (The Lavender Company Book 1)

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to another wonderful visit to the Otherworld.  Today, we’re going to be looking at a wonderful low fantasy that is inspired by the medieval period.  Though it has the foundation of a traditional fantasy, it brings fresh ideas that will appeal to those who enjoy tales of adventure and amazement.  If that sounds interesting to you, read on to learn more about The Broken Prince (The Lavender Company Book 1).

Author Daniel Allen has a love for history that is apparent in the care that he gives to his feature-length debut, The Broken Prince (The Lavender Company Book 1).  The story revolves around a character who is written in wonderful shades of grey, and watching him grow and develop is great fun for readers.  Despite there being no spellcraft in the story, Allen still injects his prose with magic, ensuring that the tale is enchanting throughout, and endearing himself his characters to his readers.  The author has a way with words, most notably those he lends to his intriguing cast of characters.  They’re witty and quick to trade verbal barbs as well as they are jabs and hooks in a tavern brawl.  But Allen also knows how to craft a sense of grandeur in his tale as well, and he takes his lead on a journey of tremendous proportions.

In a world without magic, the sword reigns supreme, and those who live by it control the fates of kings and dynasties.

Ever since his brother died, Tristan has been a wreck; drifting from drunken stupor to hangover and back again in an endless dance. But when his irresponsible behaviour and bad attitude offends an important visitor, his father, King Albert of Mitteland, decides that enough is enough. He sends Tristan on campaign with a rough band of mercenaries known as the Lavender Company, hoping that life on the road will teach Tristan what it means to be a prince. Tristan marches, trains and fights with the Company, but just when he seems poised to turn his life around, disaster strikes.
As Tristan spirals out of control once more, he and the Lavender Company are forced to run for their lives in a desperate race across the kingdom. If Tristan is to survive, he will have to find a way to trust not only his new comrades, but also himself.

Set in a magicless world inspired by Medieval Earth, The Broken Prince is perfect for fans of fantasy and historical fiction alike.

The Broken Prince is a wonderful balancing act of medieval tradition, big personalities, great moments of spectacle, and disarming humor.  Though it is a sizable first book in Allen’s saga, it flows at an even pace, and will urge readers on.  Before they know it, they’ll turn the pages of the final chapter, and be hungry for more as the story draws to a close.  Allen ends his feature debut solidly, but he leaves enough on the page to elude to what is yet to come.  It is a great time to get to know Allen, Mitteland, and the Lavender Company.  Check out The Broken Prince (The Lavender Company Book 1) on Amazon today!

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