Fantasy Promo – Orphan’s Quest: The Great Forget Fantasy Series Volume 1

Greetings, travelers!  We’re back again today to talk about a wonderful new fantasy series called The Great Forget, as its author, Terry Ironwood, has just released the first trio from his spectacular world.  It’s a delightful new fantasy world that readers will no doubt love to immerse themselves in.  If that sounds interesting to you, read on to learn more about Orphan’s Quest: The Great Forget Fantasy Series Volume 1.

It’s no surprise that Terry Ironwood’s debut fantasy, Orphan’s Quest: The Great Forget Fantasy Series Volume 1, became the number one release on Amazon when it hit virtual shelves.  It’s an epic fantasy meant to appeal to young adults, but really, any fans of fantasy will fall in love with this series.  It starts with characters that readers will enjoy journeying alongside.  The titular orphan has all the qualities that people would want from their hero, without feeling like too much of a blank slate to attribute their own wish fulfillment on.  Ironwood didn’t fall into that trap, and instead, the cast of characters is a huge strength.  The rest of the story serves as a fun coming-of-age story across a land that the author describes in rich, attentive detail.

The journey begins…

Long ago, a mysterious event known as The Great Forget ravaged Earth. Magic was born.

Millennia later, a baby with red eyes is abandoned at the gates of a small kingdom whose sole mandate is to guard the Pass of Death. The young orphan, Chip, is condemned by a spiteful king to a life of misery in the castle kitchens, looked upon with disdain and treated as an outcast.

In an unexpected turn, Chip befriends the princess and catches the eye of the wise wizard Xander, who sees something special in him. The wizard sends the orphan to train with the land’s most powerful weapons master, where he learns life’s truths and hones his skills, preparing for the ultimate test—his Manhood Quest to the Pass of Death.

There, unbeknownst to all, an ancient evil awaits…

The age of humans may be at an end.

At sixteen summers, Chip embarks on his quest to the fabled Pass of Death, where he makes a stunning revelation…

Orphan’s Quest is an enchanting tale of bravery, friendship, and self-discovery. Dive into this magical world and join Chip on his journey to find himself, for he may be humanity’s last hope.

Despite the book’s epic scope, Orphan’s Quest speeds forth at an even, quick pace.  Before readers know it, they’ll be heading toward the final pages of Ironwood’s first tale.  But all along the way, it will be an entertaining experience, and readers will be on the edge of their seats as Chip aims to pass the hardest test of his lifetime.  With two books already out now, and another three fast on the way, it is a wonderful time to dive into Ironwood’s exciting world, and begin your journey alongside Chip.  Check out Orphan’s Quest: The Great Forget Fantasy Series Volume 1 on Amazon today!

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