Urban Fantasy – SPARKS OF MAGIC: Shifter Fantasy Romance

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another trip through the Otherworld.  We’ve got a busy week indeed ahead of us, but it all starts with a magic foray into the veil beyond our world, where the supernatural waits for those who can see with truly opened eyes.  Read on to learn more about Sparks of Magic.

Author Nicole Sparkman sets out a feast for her readers, as her debut, SPARKS OF MAGIC: Shifter Fantasy Romance, is pure literary delicacy, meant to sweep up readers by their senses.  Sparkman’s lead character, Pure Eagle, already has her feet planted firmly on different borders of her personality, having been born a part of two tribes.  She was also born of a prophecy, a golden glow that promised greatness making her a sort of contemporary fantasy superhero that has the potential to make superfans out of interested readers.  It is through Pure Eagle’s eyes that Sparkman crafts an interesting world that one can take flight in.

When the magic of a young girl’s heart begins to shapeshift, the world as she knows it becomes more like a dream. The ways and the stories of the old world was once thought to be lost forever. As her gifts begin to manifest the tribal leaders and family members now know that hope is not lost at all. It is brought back to life in a form of true love. As her lips touches another for the first time, the journey of a thousand lifetimes begins! Let your imagination experience this story of shapeshifters, magic, and passion.

Presented as if by account of Pure Eagle, Sparks of Magic reads quick and breezy.  Sparkman’s story flutters between interesting events one after another, and readers will never feel as though they’ve lingered in one place for too long.  The caveat, of course, is that readers will be hungry for more as they turn the final page of the author’s book, looking for more expressive worldbuilding and tender romance.  If all works out well, a sequel will arrive before long.  Check out SPARKS OF MAGIC: Shifter Fantasy Romance on Amazon today!

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