Urban Fantasy Short Story Promo – Mr. Spectacular

Hello there Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our next stop of the week!  Today, we’re looking at a shorter story that we’ll describe as fun-sized, which also has all the quirks and witticisms you might like in a more abbreviated spectacle.  Read on to learn about Mr. Spectacular.

Exciting and excitable, the tale of Mr. Spectacular is a charming and peculiar first for author Kunegunda Price.  Indeed, this story has plenty of heart, and the majority of it is filled with joy and wonder.  Price seems to have the time of her life in describing the lives of their main characters, and the amazing things they do.  Even as the content of the story shifts to more serious fare, there’s always an underpinning of whimsy.  There’s a fine bit of magic and science fantasy to Price’s story, and children or readers who are ready to embrace their inner-child are in for a treat.

Lolle Wittinger, is a 200 something year old ophthalmologist and inventor of SNOGGLES, living with his delightful, and also well-age-blessed wife Anne, in a tree penthouse. Their peaceful lives are suddenly disrupted by a group of five young deliquents, who are the ones to learn a tough lesson as well as growing up that is not without their own doing all while entering other spectacular worlds after putting on the SNOGGLES.

This Steampunk fairy tale indeed carries with it messages of a moral nature, that, according to the author Kunegunda Price, comes from the part of her that always wanted to teach and instill wholesome values in those younger than her years, and inspire them, as did her own teachers and professors. Mr. Specatular is the culmination of Kunegunda’s favourite films and books and she greatly desires for this to be shared with young readers for both educational and entertainment purposes.

Though it’s a shorter story, Mr. Spectacular does a lot with the brief page count it has.  It sets the tone, and then sets the characters off on their adventure, and sends them on their way into the greater world that’s being built.  The pace is electric, and that is perhaps why readers who enjoy the story will be hungry for more by the time it ends.  Price looks to be aiming to continue the story, meaning if a quirky, whimsical series is something a reader is interested in, this could be right up their alley.  Check out Mr. Spectacular on Amazon today!

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