Urban Fantasy Promo – When Gods Clash: The Blue Pendant

Greetings fantasy fanatics!  It ended up being a ridiculously busy week on a lot of fronts, but that’s always okay when it’s because we’ve got books to read!  Today, we had one last surprise waiting in the wings, helping us bridge the gap between the historical fantasies we’ve been enjoying lately, and something more contemporary.  To get a sense of just what that is, read on to learn more about The Blue Pendant.

Rob James is a history buff who still knows he’s got his feet planted in the modern world.  He fuses both of these into an electric new series that will take readers on a ride.  In When Gods Clash: The Blue Pendant, James introduces his audience to not only a new hero who is easy to root for, but a sense of majesty around historical revelations, and the thrilling events that succeed them.  Between ancient artifacts, eerie, otherworldly forces, and a race against time, the first book in James’s series will have readers racing from one chapter to the next to discover how everything can be resolved.

A genre-bending breakout novel from a bold, fresh voice in contemporary fiction. Think Highlander, all set in the present day.

While visiting the battlefield of Culloden, Scotland, Angus MacDonald hears a voice. A voice that connects him to his forefathers, butchered by the British in 1746. It delivers a frightening message: Fight an unworldly foe or prepare for Earth’s enslavement.

The terrors he faced in Afghanistan pale compared to this latest enemy and the toughest battle of his life begins. The voice of the Gods of mythology had told him Hades was alone in his hate, but no, and the vicious attacks are beyond his imaginings as the theater of war spreads.

Can he preserve his sanity and survive?

He must confront history to defend the world from servitude while unraveling his strange heritage. He strives to discover millennia-old truths from Olympus, Greece, and the violent history that produced them. The truth of who bred him to die saving humanity. When he returns to Washington, D.C., the enemy follows.

Rob James’ WHEN GODS CLASH includes a fascinating take on Greek mythology through vivid world-building. This novel is a searing, unique makeover of loved themes.

With elements that will be of interest to lovers of Greek and Norse mythology, The Blue Pendant has immensely broad appeal.  It truly is a genre-bender, and it does so without being heavy-handed or muddied by its aspirations.  As James is passionate about history, and the legends that were bound to those ancient times, his novel translates well into a tale that is enduring.  The third book in the series dropped earlier this week—and there’s a spin-off series on the way—so there’s never been a better time to get started with this wonderful, thrilling series.  Check out When Gods Clash: The Blue Pendant on Amazon today!

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