Urban Fantasy Promo – Trial and Redemption (JANUS KEY SERIES)

Greetings, travelers, and welcome to an early edition of “Live from the Otherworld.”  We’re spending some time today on a version of Earth where magical realism wraps itself around science, and everything blends to make an intense and interesting cascade of events.  If you like your fantasies to be a bit more on the unique side, you’ll love the books from the Janus Key series.  Read on to learn more about book two, Trial and Redemption.

Thomas Reilly writes with authority, the culmination of all his studies and research coming to a point with Chasing Time and its sequel, Trial and Redemption.  These two books in the Janus Key series find a careful balance between educating his audience and entertaining them.  Make no mistake, Reilly’s work may have some semblance of academic merit, but it astounds on the back of interesting and captivating storylines, and characters who you’ll want to follow.  They’re brilliant and courageous, but never feel so spectacular in their presentation that they seem unreal.  And even though Reilly weaves magic into his tale, there’s a certain degree of realism to that as well.


In his latest inspirational and suspenseful novel, Trial and Redemption, Reilly continues the saga of a mystical Janus key and its time-bending influence on 21st-century characters, first introduced in the award-winning Chasing Time.

Disgraced scientist Brian Ellis finds an improbable ally in Julie, a college student trying to reset her life after a family tragedy. Guided by a Janus key with magical powers to predict future events, they embark on a crusade to bring a corrupt pharmaceutical executive to justice, prevent a medical tragedy, and restore peace to their shattered lives. However, Brian guards a dark secret that may imperil both their mission and their redemption.

Filled with unexpected twists and turns, memorable characters, and heart-stopping adventure, Trial and Redemption, an Amazon bestseller, is an emotive mix of suspense and fantasy.

While Reilly’s work is certainly on the periphery of the fantasy works that we often see in the Otherworld, there’s enough magic at play in the world he writes that it deserves a look.  There’s a magic to the way he writes as well, ensuring that readers will always have twists and turns to look forward to.  That pace will carry them quickly to the end, racing through one page after the next to find out how it can possibly wrap up.  Now that book two is out, it’s a great time to jump into the author’s wonderful stories. Check out Trial and Redemption (JANUS KEY SERIES) on Amazon today!

If you’d like to see a trailer for the book, you can check that out here:


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