Urban Fantasy Promo – The Witch of Knightcharm

Folks, we have a very special stop in the Otherworld today, and I know that you’re going to be excited about it.  As fans of Tellest will no doubt be aware, Aaron Canton has been one of our most prolific writers, delivering nearly twenty stories to us, just so far.  Well, now it’s time to look outside of the Tellest universe, and see what else Aaron has on his plate, starting with today’s focus, The Witch of Knightcharm.

As catching and captivating as any of the stories that Aaron Canton has crafted for myriad worlds, it is the one that he crafts for himself that perhaps shows the most promise and potential.  The Witch of Knightcharm is a sequential story that the author releases new episodic content twice each week.  From the get-go, readers will come face to face with Emily, a compelling heroine that is tremendous easy to cheer on throughout her challenges.  Canton excels at character moments, showing the emotions that lead to moments of growth.  But the author also hits the ground running with an explosive start, showing readers the stakes and the danger that is present within the world he builds here.  His action sequences are electric without being too frenetic, and they have real oomph, leaving you worrying about your heroes every step along the way.

Desperate for redemption, a witch named Emily Holland enrolls in an evil magic school in order to uncover its secrets and destroy it from within. Once there, however, she finds that the school’s inhumane lessons and her murderous classmates aren’t the only dangers of her new environment: she also must resist the constant efforts of the school’s monomaniacal leaders to corrupt her to their will. Succeeding in her quest will make Emily a hero, but if she fails, she’ll die… or, even worse, become just another evil witch with no purpose other than using her magic to destroy those who would resist the school’s power.

The Witch of Knightcharm sits right on the line of the very popular academy fantasy subgenre, and as an urban fantasy filled with magic, it is also very likely to captivate readers who can’t get enough of spells and sorcery.  Wrapped in ribbons of witty, fun dialog, and worldbuilding that continues to grow richer through every chapter, this is the perfect gift for fantasy fans.  Canton releases new episodes of his story twice per week.  There are fourteen episodes available, with more on the way, so now is the perfect time to dive into the tale.  Check out The Witch of Knightcharm by Aaron Canton on Amazon Kindle Vella today!

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