Urban Fantasy Promo – The Prescott Legacy: A Medical Urban Fantasy Novel

Travelers, we ran the gauntlet this week!  It’s always worth celebrating when we have five fantastic stories to share throughout the week, and it’s even better when we have a great one to cap things off and take us into a weekend, hopefully where we have time to cozy up in our favorite reading nook and dive into a new literary world.  Today’s Otherworld experience is one you’ll be excited about, especially if you like your stories with a particular focus.  Read on to learn more about The Prescott Legacy.

The debut work of author Robert Sounvonnakasy certainly casts a sort of reflection on our own world, and in the events that have shaped the years since the pandemic.  But The Prescott Legacy: A Medical Urban Fantasy Novel takes all that tragedy and worry and puts a spin on it that effectively turns it into something a bit more thrilling and exciting, and certainly something with a bit of magic to it.  Sounvonnakasy spins a lot of plates in bringing this story to life.  The tale blends elements of fantasy into our world in some interesting ways that make the story feel lively, without being so otherworldly that you’re forced to suspend your disbelief too much.

There might be a cure for AIDS, cancer, and all other incurable diseases, however, it will come in a way you would not expect.

They say not all heroes wear capes, but in this case, not all heroes go around decking criminals in the face. Engage in a unique tale about a one-of-a-kind hero name Simon Weller. A young university student who acquires a peculiar power of healing that will turn his whole world upside-down. As he navigates through a series of complex issues that people face in their daily lives, Simon will have to get acquainted with his new power in order to save those who were tortured by their own afflictions.

However, an ancient darkness looms over the horizon, threatening the very beating heart of Seattle. Can Simon save the city from certain destruction, or will he succumb to the very darkness the modern world has never seen.

Bear witness to the magical power of healing in this thematic paranormal tale by Robert Sounvonnakasy.

With vivid descriptions, and a narrative that moves forward at just the right pace, this is a medical thriller most won’t want to miss.  It might hit a little close to home for some, but the author keeps things raw and real enough to immerse readers into the tale.  To top it off, you’ve got some fantastic characters that you’ll love to empathize with as you learn about the tragedies they’ve endured, and must face going forward.  With the next book in the series, The Prescott Unity, already underway, there is no better time than now to dive into Sounvonnakasy’s thrilling debut.  Check out The Prescott Legacy: A Medical Urban Fantasy Novel on Amazon today!

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