Urban Fantasy Promo – The Memoirs of Elikai: The Children of the Solstice

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another stop in the Otherworld.  Today we’ve got a special treat for you, as we’re bringing you another promo that is going to precede an interview with a talented author.  Let’s not waste any time, and dive straight into The Memoirs of Elikai.

Sometimes stories can be fairly clear, set in light and dark tones, while other times things are a bit more abstract.  In D. Alexander’s debut fantasy, The Memoirs of Elikai: The Children of the Solstice, readers will see what it’s like to be faced with a perfect blend of both.  The author’s tale is filled with rich characters that have a well of personality and depth, and they participate in an adventure with a lot of wit and heart that won’t soon be forgotten by readers.  There is a lot to be seen here, as Alexander spends time making the world feel full and lived-in, with plenty of details demonstrating the care taken to craft not only this first book, but the foundation of the series.

“The Fall of Free Will begins at sundown. The Generals of Destiny will rise at the height of the Winter Solstice. Come, King of Free Will, to the place where you allowed true love to perish and bear witness to the end of Free Will.”

Danny Elikai is a teenage boy who lost his family in a devastating car accident. He finds himself in a swirling depression in the mystical city of Grenoff as horrific events begin to unfold. He learns of an ancient conflict between the two philosophies that seek to rule humanity: the individual liberties of Free Will and the predetermined peace guaranteed by Destiny. The agents of Destiny have risen and threatened life as we know it. Danny must choose to find the King of Light and fight for Free Will or leave humanity to the iron grip of the Emperor of Darkness. The Final War is coming, and soon we will need to pick a side. Will you fight for the freedom of choice offered by Free Will or the harmony promised by Destiny?

Alexander dances around some complexities here in his debut, but the world never seems overbearing, and never dizzies or befuddles readers who want to dive deeper.  With descriptive and attractive prose, and a story that immerses and captivates, it will be hard for fantasy fans to put The Memoirs of Elikai down.  This is an adventure that readers will love going on, even when darker moments or tragedies strike.  And the best news is that Alexander already has a second book out, with a third close at hand.  But it all starts here, with book one in the series.  Check out The Memoirs of Elikai: The Children of the Solstice on Amazon today!

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