Urban Fantasy Promo – The Legend of the Lost Child: Book Two of the Codex Chronicles

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to our last stop of the week.  Today’s trip is actually a return one, as we’re heading back to the world that was introduced to us back in August, as we look once more at the Codex Chronicles by Annie O’Connell.  Read on to learn more about The Legend of the Lost Child.

When we first talked about Annie O’Connell’s debut, The Lunar Codex, we were impressed with its enjoyable characters, its lively world, and the way that the author built the story to be shamelessly addicting.  Now the sequel is here, and The Legend of the Lost Child is another fast-paced paranormal fantasy in line with True Blood or Teen Wolf, and O’Connell certainly continues to tell the tale with incredible cinematic flair.  Though a tremendous amount of work went into the first book in making Jace and the supporting characters appear dynamic, the author makes certain that the journey, both in the world, and inward, did not stop there.  It is compelling seeing these characters continue to grow.  O’Connell adds extra oomph to everything, ensuring that the sequel feels bigger and better in every way.

Life has never been easy for Jace, but things have quickly become more complicated.

With a new family and new name, he is returning to the home he had when he was three years old. After learning he is being hunted, he knows his survival requires him to learn to control his newfound powers at an accelerated rate. Feeling like an outsider in what he hoped would be his forever home, Jace finds himself desperately trying to figure out where he truly belongs.

Jace quickly learns that his impossible witch-werewolf hybrid presence has awoken the curiosity of many supernaturals. After a series of attacks, he realizes the stakes are even higher. Jace must discern who is friend and who is foe.

Failure could mean death for him, his family, and his friends.

The author recounts the story of the first book without being heavy-handed, ensuring that even if readers come to the story late, they can pick up from this one.  And just because the characters found some measure of success in the first book, that doesn’t mean that there are no stakes here, as readers will always wonder and worry about what might be coming around the corner.  O’Connell has been a tremendous force of urban fantasy content, and she’s fallen into a rhythm here that will no doubt hook even more readers as she continues her journey into the culture of these books.  A new release is not far from sight, so now is a great time to pick up this book (and it’s predecessor).  Check out The Legend of the Lost Child: Book Two of the Codex Chronicles on Amazon today, while it’s only 99 cents!

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